The pain associated with an injury to the foot or ankle can be intense. It also massively affects your productivity. Corrective surgery can only do so much in returning the body back to its pre-injury state. Crutches, the conventional mobility aid are renowned for their discomfort and ambiguity.

Medical scooters are the recognized replacement for crutches, and these devices have recorded tremendous improvement in the lives of users. There are many different ones to choose between on the market but in this review, we focus on one specific. This review is aimed at providing you with an in-depth assessment of the Isokinetics Knee Scooter.

Isokinetics Knee Scooter Walker Review

From: Isokinetics  

Model: Knee Scooter Walker

Locking Brakes: Yes

Removable Basket: Yes

Colors: Black and Blue

Benefits of the Isokinetics Knee Walker

The benefits of knee walkers to anyone with an injured foot or ankle remain undisputed. As previously mentioned, the Isokinetics Knee Scooter is just one of the many mobility aids currently in stores so why should you purchase this medical scooter? Let’s find out.

  • The steel dual frame build of the Isokinetics Knee Walkergives this mobility aid sufficient strength to withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. It also ensures the medical scooter stands the test of time.
  • With the single brake system of the Isokinetics knee walker, you can bring the mobility device to a halt in a fluid-like fashion especially when compared with knee scooters having a double brake system. This mobility aid also has a parking brake which should come in handy when you need to stop the medical scooter abruptly.
  • This knee walker also has a knee platform which is adequately cushioned ensuring your leg suffers no discomfort or pain when using the medical scooter. Also, the knee platform can be adjusted without the use of tools so you can make the necessary modifications easily.
  • The non-scuff wheels ensure you can use the mobility aid within and outside your home. The four wheels also provide the requisite balance you need for a hitch-free use of the Isokinetics Knee Scooter. However, you will need to avoid using the knee walker on irregular surfaces.
  • The folding mechanism of the Isokinetics Knee Scooter makes storage of this mobility aid easy. It also makes long distance transportation of the knee walker uncomplicated.
  • The steering column and the handlebars give you control over the Isokinetics Knee Walker. The steering column is another adjustable feature of this mobility aid so you can modify its position to suit your need.
  • The Isokinetics Knee Walker comes with a detachable basket which allows you carry along a few items when the need arises.

What Does the Isokinetics Knee Scooter Walker Help With?

Anyone recuperating from an injury to the foot and ankle will find the Isokinetics Knee Walker a valuable accessory. The use of this medical scooter improves your mobility and speeds up the healing of the injured foot or ankle.


How to Use the Isokinetics Knee Walker

Before you use the Isokinetics Knee Walker, you will need to assemble the parts which shouldn’t be difficult. For a hitch-free setup procedure, we have summarized the steps below:

  • Place the steering column in an upright position
  • To ensure the steering column remains firm in this position, utilize the clamp attached to the column
  • Connect the handlebars to the steering column and have it secured using the knob provided
  • Detach the knee platform from beneath the frame
  • Connect the knee platform to the frame and have it secured in position using the clamp attached to the frame
  • Attached the basket to the steering column through the designated opening on the basket

Once assembled you should have the knee walker ready for use.

Features of the Isokinetics Knee Walker

  • The Isokinetics Knee Walker has four non-scuff wheels which make the mobility of the knee walker a viable function.
  • This mobility aid comes with a single brake lever for a mix of braking actions such as reducing the speed of the medical scooter and halting the medical scooter.
  • The Isokinetics Knee Walker has a knee platform which provides succor for your injured foot and ankle.
  • The frame of this knee walker is made of steel and has a dual configuration. This build of the frame ensures pressure is transmitted through two channels which elongate the lifespan of the medical scooter.
  • It has a detachable basket which allows you convey a few items to your wherever you want.


Who Can Use the Isokinetics Knee Walker?

If your mobility has been badly affected by an injury to your foot or ankle, then the Isokinetics Knee Walker is bound to be quite beneficial.

Who should not Use the Isokinetics Kinetics Walker?

This mobility aid is not meant for a healthy person. Also, if you are recovering from an injury to the thigh or leg, this medical scooter isn’t for you.


Customer Support and Warranty

Isokinetics Inc. the company responsible for the production of the Knee Walker has a variety of avenues through which you can ask questions or seek advice if the need arises. Their website has typical communication channels such as a phone number, their postal address, and an email address all displayed on their Contact Us page. You can also submit a comment or question through this page by filling up the necessary details on the form provided.

Isokinetics Inc. offers a 30-day warranty period for all their products including the knee walker. If you have any issues with the Isokinetics Knee Walker, you can return the medical scooter within this period. However, in situations where the 30-day period has been exceeded, and the scooter is in a mint condition, you can interact with Isokinetics Inc. for the return of the knee walker.


Final Thoughts of the Isokinetics Knee Walker

The Isokinetics Knee Walker is a decent medical scooter. It not only ensures you are mobile regardless of your condition but also allows you have fun doing so. Yes, the bell might seem trivial, but it makes your situation appear lightweight. Also, for a reasonable price, this mobility aid can be a contender if you are looking for an affordable replacement for those clumsy crutches!