If your lower back needs extra support, the Copper Compression Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace may be the perfect support for you.

For people that work an active job, and have to lift things routinely, this brace is a convenient choice and may really help you to get through your day with less discomfort.

It’s not a perfect world, and as we age, our bodies just can’t do what they used to. When you want to stay active, and your back just won’t cooperate, it may be time to think about trying out a support.

In this review we take a closer look at the Copper compression lumbar support to see if it’s the choice for you.

Copper Compression Lumbar Support Review

Make: Copper Compression

Model: Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace

Size: 2 Sizes, (28″ – 39″) or (39″ – 50″)

Color: Black


Benefits of the Copper Compression Lumbar Support

Extra lower back support – For those of you that need some extra support for an aging back to be able to maintain the kind of active lifestyle that you are used to, the strong synthetic material that this brace is made from makes it worth considering.

Stay active – If you want to stay fit and active, and your back is keeping you from doing the things you want to, a support like the Copper Compression lumbar supportcan help you with support. So that you can enjoy the activities you are used to doing. For active people, a back support is also a great option when you start to have mild soreness in your lower back.

Support while lifting – Many jobs require that you lift things on a regular basis, and this is a great situation to employ a lumbar support to your benefit.

Keeps you warm – Keep your lower back muscles warm for best flexibility all day long.

Increase circulation – Synthetic fabrics that have been infused with copper offer protection against bacteria, and many users find that they increase circulation in their areas that they are applied to.

Light weight use – Using a support like this is easy, and it is so low-profile that you may even forget you have it on. This brace is made from a durable synthetic fabric, that is imbued with a high level of copper.

What Does This Copper Back Brace Help With?

This back brace will help support your back and posture. It also helps with:

  • back pain
  • lower back and lumbar pain
  • sciatica
  • tendonitis
  • stiff or sore muscles
  • tendons and sore joints

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How to Use The Copper Back Brace

The Copper Compression lumbar support is extremely easy to use, and will attach securely to your waist with high-quality velcro that closes in front of your body. This is especially convenient when you want to wear this brace over your clothing, or use it for brief periods of high-intensity physical activity.

A big advantage to this support is that it can easily be worn either on top of or underneath of your clothing. Unlike many bulky back supports, the Copper Compression is very low-profile and form fitting.


Features of the Lumbar Support

  • Copper infused synthetic construction.
  • Ergonomic form fitting design.
  • Durable, machine washable, made for daily use.
  • Easy to use velcro closure.

Copper Compression specializes in the manufacture of supports and braces that feature a high level of copper in their construction. This compression brace is made for regular use, and can easily be cleaned in a standard washing machine. The company stands behind their products, and offers a 100% money back guarantee, which is always a big positive.

The Copper Function

The amount of support that the brace offers is determined by the material that is used, and the copper content may help the brace to form to the body, offering a support that many people find to be more effective.

The use of copper based support products has risen in recent years, and many professional athletes use them for practice, training and even during events. In addition to support, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, and some users feel that their circulation is improved by wearing copper infused fabrics.

There is no conclusive science to support this assertion, but it is commonly made by people who use copper infused compression supports.

This brace sets itself apart from the rest with an industry leading amount of copper, 88% copper, and if you are looking for a back support for daily wear, the Copper Compression support brace is a great option to look into.

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Who Is the Copper Compression Lumbar Support for?

If you are active, and you are experiencing mild discomfort, especially when moving your lower back in ways that are not normal for you, this compression support is a good option to try.

The Copper Compression lumbar supportcan also help out with sciatica, as well as mild forms of lower back pain.

Who should consider this lumbar support?

  • Athletes
  • People who work active jobs
  • People who suffer from mild sciatica
  • People who need moderate support when active during the day
  • Arthritis sufferers
  • If you sit on a chair all day long and need extra support this might be for you
  • People who need support to help stabilize their lower back

There are differing opinions about how often it is safe to use a support brace, and if you find that you are unable to function without one, see your physician.

For people that work in active jobs, or athletes, this brace is a great way to give some extra support to your lower back, and make sure that you are not over working your muscles when you are training or working hard.

If you are in good overall health, there is absolutely no risk associated to the use of a support brace, and they are especially recommended when you are doing heavy lifting or moving your torso in ways that are not normal for you.


The Copper Compression brace is also a great option for people who are in the gym a lot, and want to giver their lower lumbar region some extra help when they are lifting. While not suitable for power-lifting, or Olympic-style weight training, this support is perfect for most other kinds of weight training, or if you just want to make sure your lumbar region is protected when you are at your most active.

Who Should Not Buy This Back Brace?

If you are suffering from serious, ongoing back pain, talk to a doctor before buying a back support. The Copper Compression lower back support may be an option for you, but talk to a doctor just to be sure. 

Who shouldn’t wear this support:

  • People who have serious medical conditions
  • People who suffer chronic, undiagnosed back pain pain
  • People who need mechanical, corrective spinal support


Customer Support and Warranty

One Year, 100% satisfaction guarantee, with registration via their own website Copper Compression.

Copper Compression is a reputable company that stands behind their products with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Final Thoughts on the Copper Compression  Lower Back Lumbar Support

Whenever you come across a new or novel technology, it is really helpful to see that the manufacturer is willing to guarantee their product. These copper infused products do sell at a premium, so it is very reassuring to see that Copper Compression will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

If you aren’t convinced, you don’t have to worry, because Copper Compression is happy to refund your money so that you can find something that is right for you. It’s hard to see much of a downside to that.

If you are looking for a great all around back support, the Copper Compression Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace is a good option to consider. The copper content of their fabric is high, and it is an easy to use, low profile lower back support that will give you some help with whatever activity you are doing.

Most importantly customers are happy, you can read some of the reviews here!