Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mats are becoming popular and has continued to enjoy positive ratings from consumers. This can be attributed to the multitude of benefits that they offer.

This product will give you years of therapeutic infrared treatment. Infrared heat therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapies that can have a positive effect on a broad spectrum of conditions.

If you want to know more about the product, how it can help you and whether it for you or not you’ve definitely come to the right place.

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Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat Review

Model: Jade Mat PAD65

3 Key Features:

  1. 40 Jade stones allows for deep heat penetration
  2. Durable heavy duty heat mat
  3. Can be used for both heating and cooling

Size: 26″ x 18″

Weight: 7 LBS

Made by: Kendal


Benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy Jade Mat

Without doubt, Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Mats are one of the highest quality mats available on the market today – state-of-the-art products of their kind.

It is often considered as the best method of whole body therapy for:

  • pain relief
  • increasing energy
  • increasing circulation
  • lowering pressure
  • toxin removal

Infrared Heat Pad penetrates deep into the peripheral blood vessels and the entire body. This can bring relief to the injured tissues and muscles through increased production of healing components and enhanced circulation.  The increased blood circulation transports oxygen to the affected tissues, thereby heightening the body’s healing process.

The heating pad can be used to improve skin as well. Sweating removes deeply embedded dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. An increased blood circulation enhances flow of essential nutrients to the skin and helps relieve a number of skin-related conditions such as eczema, acne, burns and psoriasis. It will also facilitate the healing of minor cuts.

Burns Calories: One of the main benefits of infrared Heating Pads is that they are capable of burning as many calories as you would with jogging or exercising for thirty minutes. The heat therapy will help eliminate cellulite through deep penetration of fat cells.

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Relieve Stress and Fatigue: The soothing warmth of Infrared Heating Mat will loosen and relax your muscles. It also reduces the aches, stiffness, and sores related to aging.

Some of the conditions this product is known to help includes:

  • chronic fatigue
  • headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • acne
  • arthritis
  • menstrual pain
  • hypertension
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • insomnia
  • back pain
  • tremors joint pain

    How to Use the Heating Pad

    Man has pain in the neck and hips on the backFor back pain, you will need to lie down flat so that your back can come into direct contact with the pad, especially in the affected area. Place a piece of clothing between the heating pad and your skin to prevent burns.

    Place the pad directly in the area the pain is originating from. Allow your muscles to absorb the heat for at least five minutes.

    Lying down is recommended because it lets the heat to distribute uniformly. Unless specified by a qualified physician, using any heating pad for more than one hour is discouraged.

    For shoulder pain, lie down on your back on a firm surface like a high density mattress. Place the pad directly on the affected shoulder and lie back. Use medium heat for this treatment. If both shoulders are in pain, you can alternate between them every five minutes.

    For any pain related to gallbladder, place the pad over the stomach. The heat setting for this treatment should be medium heat.

    When it comes to general pains and aches, place the heating pad directly to the aching area.

    How Not to Use the Heating Pad

    Common sense dictates that a heating pad should not be used to the extent that your skin burns. Do not use the pad without placing a piece of cloth between your skin and the pad.

    Never use the heating pad for more than one hour continuously. The longer you place the heating pad on your skin the higher the chance of burn to the skin.

    People who have suffered stroke, nerve damage or head injury should not use this heating pad. Again, people with loss of sensation and circulatory problem are not allowed to use heating mats.

    It should not be used over infected areas, open wounds or cancerous areas.

    Do not use a damaged heating pad, such as a pad with exposed wires of frayed cords. Read and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the method and length of use.

    Features of Infrared Jade Heat Pad

    This Heating Pad comes with 40 pieces of natural jade stone for health and comfort.

    Every stone is 2″ in diameter.

    The temperature can be adjusted from 25 to 70 degrees Celsius, 77 – 160 Fahrenheit.

    The heating mat produce dry heat.

    Has the ability to block negative electromagnetic radiation.

    If you need the jade stones for a cooling effect put the mat in the refrigerator (remove the cord from the unit) until wanted temperature.


    The Controller

    It has a programmable timer and thermostat to provide long lasting, safe and deep penetrating infrared heat.

    You can set the controller to wanted heat and time.


    The Cover

    The heating mat comes with a protective cover, letting you place a soft piece of cloth between the pad and your skin. There is no removable extra cover included though.

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    Tech Specs

    Size: 26″ x 18″

    Weight: 7 LBS

    Electric/Battery/Microwavable operated: Electric

    The heating pad is made in China.


    Who Should Buy a Jade Heat Mat

    Lay on the mat – If you are looking to lay on the heating mat then this jade mat will allow you to do that. If you look at classic heating pads, the recommendation is to NOT lay on it, that is not the case with this item.

    Deep penetrating heat – The jades are allowing the heat to penetrate deeper into the tissue, compared to a regular heating pad.

    Heavy duty – The weight of the jades make this a heavy duty heat pad.

    Pain relief – The heat from this pad65 jade mat can help with pain relief.


    Pros and Cons


    • Provides ion therapy and has the ability to block harmful rays
    • The heat from the jade stones penetrate deep into the tissue
    • Durable, heavy duty heat mat
    • Cools in summer and heats in winter
    • Affordable


    • Quite large and heavy
    • Can get really hot when set above a certain level
    • Some complain about poor instructions


    What Does the Jade Pad65 Do?

    Pain relief: The heating pad blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. This will help you feel relieved from whatever pain you are dealing with.

    Enhanced circulation: Improved circulation will facilitate the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen across various parts of the body.

    Relieve pain and stress. Boosts immune system and increase blood circulation are a few other ways that the jade pad can help.

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    Different Sizes of the Jade Heating Pads from Kendal

    The one mat we review here today is the pad65 size 26″x18″. Kendal offers many different sizes and some of them we list here. There are three major differences in models.

    • Pad – pad65 is being reviewed here in this article. The pad models come with 2″ stones.
    • Jade – the jade models come with more stones.
    • Mat – the mat models are large models to cover a bed for example.

    Jade y65 Size 25″ x 18″ vs. Pad65

    The difference between the pad65 and the jade y 65 is the amount of the stones. The one we review here pad65 comes with 40, 2″ jade stones. Jade y65 is the same size mat but it comes with 160 pieces of jade stones.

    See the Jade y65 here.


    It is available though in the following sizes

    Pad45 Size 17″ x 17″

    This is a smaller pad. It includes 25 jade stones, 2″ each.

    Pad100 Size 38″ x 24″

    This is a little bit larger than the Pad65. It comes with 55 jade stones 2″ each.

    Pad150 Size 57″ x 23″

    This Pad150 model comes with 80 pieces of jade stone. Each stone is “2.


    Mat150 Queen Size

    This queen size jade mat 74″ x 59″ includes 350 pieces of jade stones, 2″ each.

    Mat180 King Size

    This king size jade mat 78″ x 71″ includes 396 pieces of jade stones, 2″ each.


    Customer Support and Warranty

    The company representing this product Kendal, is owned by New Shining Image group. They are located in Middleton NY.

    You can email them here with questions:


    According to their website you can return most new unopened products within 30 days for a full refund. You will also receive the shipping cost if they have sent you a product that is not working correctly.



    This heating mat is neither expensive nor cheap. It is somewhere in the middle. It is less than $100.

    Final Thoughts

    The Infrared Heat Therapy Mat has enjoyed lots of positive consumer ratings and reviews. Though there are many mixed opinion regarding the product, there is no denying that most consumers are impressed by it.

    Compared to other similar items, the Infrared Heat Therapy healing Jade Mat is a good buy. After reading this review, it is obvious that you now have a clear picture regarding the product and you can decide whether or not it is for you.