Index Finger Joint Pain and Solutions

Index finger joint pain is also called a “trigger finger”.  It is a kind of tendinitis that develops in the tendons that bend your fingers.  It is not an uncommon problem because of the way your hand is made.

There are no muscles within the fingers themselves.  People actually move their fingers by remote control.  Muscles located within the forearm are connected to the bones of the finger by flexible, smooth tendons.  The muscles move the finger joints by pulling on the tendons.

The flexor tendons are thick, flexible, smooth strings.  They look just like the rope used for clotheslines. They function similar to a bicycle brake cable.  They bend your index finger, moving in and out of the index finger as it bends and straightens.

Causes and Solutions of Index Finger Joint Pain

The pain in your trigger finger can be due to tendonitis.  This is tendon swelling that comes from your own tendency to collect viscous liquid around your joints and tendons.  This can be aggravated by repetitive or strenuous exercises.  When the tendons that bend the fingers become irritated, they can cause stiffness, swelling, and pain.  The swelling of the tendon blocks the movements of the tendons, allowing the index finger to lock into position.  This is called “triggering”.

Index finger pain can be the result of injury or disease affecting any of the structures in the finger, including connective tissue, blood vessels, tendons, joints, muscles, and bones.  This is a feature of joint inflammation or arthritis that can happen in any of the joints of the index finger.  You can also see warmth, swelling, and redness of the joint.

Injury or trauma to the index finger, such as bony fractures, joint dislocations, and bruises are rare causes of index finger joint pain.  Both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis commonly causes of index finger joint pain.

Tumors of the index finger are possible but they are extremely rare.

Some conditions, such as diabetes can cause nerve damage, resulting in tingling, numbness, or pain in the index finger.  This is called peripheral neuropathy.  Infection of the tissues around the index finger is also extremely rare.  Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a cause of index finger joint pain, but this is uncommon.

Using smart phones can also cause index finger joint pain.  If you use your index finger to text, you can overuse the finger, resulting in inflammation and pain.  The solution is to try not to text as much or use your thumbs for texting.

Playing video games can also be a cause of index finger joint pain.  They can result in sports injuries not unlike playing regular sports.  Overzealous use of video games can result in everything from broken bones, to torn ligaments and sprains.  The solution is to do some stretching exercises before beginning to use a video game.

If you have a baby, the act of lifting the baby up each day can lead to tenosynovitis, which is a repetitive stress injury that results in swelling and pain in the index finger, as well as in your thumb and wrists.  The solution is to learn how to carry your baby with your whole arm rather than just with your hands.

Carrying your laptop case can also be a cause of index finger joint pain.  Handheld laptops can put extra stress on the fingers but especially on the index finger.  The solution to this problem is to use a rolling laptop case.  You can also change to a model that is lighter.

Index Finger Joint Pain can be caused by many different things, did you figure out what your pain comes from?