In this review, we evaluate the ‘HT-3300 Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair Recliner with foot massager – Robotic Lounger Black’ to help you decide whether this is the massage chair for you or not.


HT-3300 Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair Review

Model: HT-3300

Make: Human Touch

Key Features:

  • Advanced robotic massage system
  • Roller massage
  • Calf and foot massage

Color: Black, Espresso


Benefits of the HT-3300 Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair

Enhance flexibility: This HT-3300 massage chair will help you stretch and loosen up your tight muscles. In doing so, it can increase your overall flexibility. Massaging also helps to relieve muscle tension.

Reduce stress: Massages are known to release endorphins ( also known as the feel good chemicals ) in your body. By using this product, you might feel more positive and relieved – perfect after a long, stressful day at work.

Improves circulation: When this Human Touch massage chair applies its ‘kneading’ function, it can help improve your blood and lymph circulation. This will aid in the transport of nutrients to your spinal column and it might also help to wash out toxins at a faster rate.

Relieve muscular pain: This product can revitalize your body by soothing sore muscles and muscle aches. The custom massages can remove knots and also melt away lumbar soreness, fatigue and tension.

Sleep better: By releasing the built up stress, this massage chair will help to relax your entire body. This might help you sleep more soundly at night.


How to Use the Human Touch WholeBody HT-3300 Massage Chair

After you assemble the HT3300 massage chair according to the instructions in the user manual, plug the cord to a grounded power source and take a seat. Then, turn  the master power switch ( located on the bottom center of the backrest) on.

Then, using the footrest control lever on the right side of the chair, adjust the height of the footrest to a comfortable position and release the lever after you have found the sweet spot. Use the ‘Recline and Incline’ setting in the remote control to recline your chair to the optimum position.

If you want a customized massage, select any of the four massage modes and using the position button, determine the exact location of the rollers so that you can relieve the pain from your targeted body part. You can also use the zone button to locate a six inch zone to massage in your body.

Massage modes:

  • Kneading: circular motions
  • Rolling : mimics the motion of hands sliding or rolling on the spine
  • Compression : presses on spinal muscles and spinal joint areas using alternating strokes and a gentle rocking motion
  • Percussion : alternates rapid-tapping strokes along the spine

You can also choose any of the three automatic massage styles available. Each massage will last for 15 mins.

Massage Presets and Styles:
Three invigorating auto massage programs: Sore Muscle Relief (P1) , Stress Therapy (P2) , Back Relief (P3).

This chair even offers a foot and calf massage which you can experience by simply clicking a button on the remote controller. After you pull up your footrest handle and deploy the foot and calf massager, insert your legs into position and click the button labeled ‘foot and calf massager’ and choose an appropriate massage speed.


Features of the Human Touch HT3300 Massage Chair


Remote Controller

The controller , filled with animated buttons, is easy to use. It doesn’t use any jargons and is very easy to comprehend. This chair even includes a convenient pocket (on the left side of the chair) to store the remote controller when you are not using it.          

Foot and Calf Massager

This rotating foot and calf massager has two speeds and one auto program. With this chair, you can choose to only massage your legs as well. To ensure that you receive the optimum massage experience, you can adjust the footrest height to a comfortable level pulling  the footrest control lever.


This Human Touch massage chair can recline from 120 – 170 degrees with just the push of a button. You should note that the further you go back, the massage becomes more intense.

Customizable Massage Intensity

Unlike most of the massage chairs in the market, with this Human Touch massage chair, you can customize the intensity of your massage. By simply removing / adding the massage softening pad at the top of the backrest. A horizontal zipper makes it easy to add/ remove.


Technical Specifications

The operating voltage of this massage chair is AC 110-120V, 60Hz. It consumes approximately 140 Watts of power and weighs 140 lbs. It requires a clearance of 14” to recline properly.


Who You Should Use This Human Touch WholeBody HT-3300 Massage Chair

This product should be used by families where people are looking for efficient pain relief but prefer different massage intensities. It should also be used by people who want to save time and money on massages while not having to compromise on effective pain relief. Although this product might be expensive at first, it might actually end up being cheaper than all of your appointments to a masseuse.

People who have knots in their muscles or suffer from chronic pain should also use this massage chair.


Who shouldn’t use this Human Touch WholeBody HT-3300 Massage Chair?

Anyone who weighs more than 285 lbs should not use this massage chair as that is the maximum load weight ( as specified by the manufacturer). You also shouldn’t buy this chair if you don’t like to assemble items and prefer items that are pre-assembled.

People who are looking for a massage that provides heat should not buy this massage chair. It is recommended that children below the age of 6 not use this chair without parental supervision. Pregnant women should be very cautious when using a massage chair as well.


Customer Support and Warranty

This massage chair has a standard 3 year limited warranty. To know if your product is eligible for warranty or not, contact customer service using the number given in the user guide.


Final Thoughts of the HT-3300

The Human Touch HT-3300 Massage Chair is a great deal if you are looking for massage chair that mimics the human touch and also works magic for your feet.

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