How to Stop Shoulder PainShoulder pain can be caused by many things.  If you lift a lot of weights, become injured in a fall, or just overuse your shoulder, you can get shoulder pain.

While there are prescription drugs that will control your shoulder pain, there are several natural remedies that will help you stop shoulder pain without side effects and with good results.

How to Stop Shoulder Pain – 5 Ways to Ease the Pain

Here are some good ways to stop shoulder pain:

1. Stop Doing Partial Repetitions

Doing partial repetitions tends to exacerbate the mechanics that are responsible for your shoulder pain in the first place. This isn’t to say that doing partial repetitions have no place in recovery from shoulder pain.  If you sacrifice range of motion for doing more repetitions or use a higher weight, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

If you have poor mechanics, you need to focus on this and not focus on intensity.  Decrease the weight you lift to an amount that allows you to do the same work but you’ll be using a better technique.

2. Pull Weights Instead of Pushing Them

When doing pushups, you extend your shoulder.  This forces the humerus to angle unnaturally forward.  This isn’t an issue if you do it passively but, when you add force, you will have more anterior shoulder pain.

Sometimes, your trapezius and rhomboid muscles are not strong enough to hold your shoulder in the proper position and your upper arm will move forward, compressing the tissues on the front aspect of your shoulder.   It can happen when you’re rowing if you have an upper trapezius muscle that is dominant.

3. Do a Lot of Rowing Exercises

If you have weak mid-back muscles, all the rowing in the world won’t make them strong enough to keep your shoulder pain relieved. Try seated cable rows.  Use a handle that helps you have a stable shoulder-width grip while rowing.

Don’t select close-grip handles as they will cause your shoulders to rotate internally, which is what you don’t want to have happen. Begin by using a weight that helps you do 4-5 sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions with the shoulders pulled down and back as you row.  Rowing can be a great way to strengthen the shoulder and stop shoulder pain.

4. Do Pushups

Exercises such as the bench press will lock down your shoulder blades as you push, which is not how it should work. Pushups, on the other hand, allow the scapula to move with more freedom, which relieves shoulder pain.

Pushups also help strengthen the shoulder-stabilizing muscles, which controls the shoulder pain.  If this is too simple, put your feet up on a bench or put some weights on your back.  You can also try to do pushups on an unstable surface.

5. Stretch Your Upper Trapezius Muscles

Many people have anterior shoulder pain because they overuse their trapezius muscles.  A simple way to stop this is to stretch these muscles before you try to strengthen them.

Stretching the upper trapezius muscles will keep them from doing all the work using the middle and lower trapezius muscles.

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Hope you found this article, how to stop shoulder pain, helpful.