relieve back pain at homeEveryone experiences lower back pain at some point of their lives and when it happens, it might be hard to get rid of. Lower back pain could be a result of lifting heavy weights or even a degenerative condition such as arthritis. If it is associated with numbness, weakness or tingling sensation of you lower legs, then you definitely should speak with your doctor. But, if your lower back pain is mundane and mild, then here are some tips for you on how to relieve lower back pain fast.

8 Tips on How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

1. Rest

It is important for you to rest for a few days if you are suffering from a lower back pain and by the word “rest” means to limit your physical activity and not to completely bed rest. Bed resting for long periods of time may cause muscle weakness and thereby aggravate the pain. However, short periods of bed resting may be helpful.

You can also lie down on the floor with the legs bent at your knee joint perpendicular to the floor or propped up on a chair.


2. Ice it and then heat your lower back

Apply some ice packs over the area of the injury. This will reduce the inflammation as well as the associate swelling. This is especially beneficial if done within the first 24 to 48 hours of the injury. You can apply this multiple times daily for 20 minutes at the time. After using ice packs for a few days, switch to heat in the form of heating pads or warm baths. The heat will help to loosen the tightened muscles of your back.


3. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

You might not think of exercising while suffering from lower back pain. It is probably the last thing on your mind. However, physical activity improves your recovery from aches and pains much faster. Exercises such as pelvic tilts and bridges not only strengthen your core muscles, they also strengthen your back muscles and the spine. As your muscles get stronger, the less likely you are to develop lower back pains.

Walking and swimming are other great ways to keep your back heathy and keep your weight under control. Maintaining your weight in a healthy range is also important as excess weight is another contributory factor that may cause lower back pain.


4. Sleep in the right position

Sleeping in the correct position is also important as the position of your back can affect your back health. The best sleeping position is lying down on your side with your knees flexed as in a fetal position. This ensures that your spine is aligned properly while sleeping.


5. Do not hunch forward for longer periods of time

Do you sit at the desk all day long? Maybe you are spending long hours in front of the computer? If you are, then it’s time for you to think of your office ergonomics. To improve your seating posture, get a comfortable chair with a good back support and arm rests. Place the monitor at your eye level and at least 20 inches away. While you work, keep your shoulders relaxed, your elbows close to your body and the forearms and wrists parallel to the table.


6. Wear low heels instead of high heels

High heels produce an unstable posture and increase the pressure applied to your lower back. Switching to low heels or flats will stabilize your posture.


7. Massage

If you suffer from lower back pain, massage can help you ease the pain. The best thing is to go to your local masseuse, but it can be costly. Getting a back massager or a massage chair, can help you get that relaxing massage at home. Massage loosens the muscles, helps you relax and make your lower back feel better.


8. Over the counter pain killers

If the tips above fail to give you some relief, then consider over the counter pain killers. Drugs such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Naproxen can be bought without a prescription. They are effective in reducing the pain as well as the associated swelling. Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication.


These are a few try-at-home tips on how to relieve your lower back pain fast. However, if your back pain does not seem to respond to any of these tips, then it is a sign that you should consult your doctor.

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