How to Cure Bunion PainDo your bunions cause you problems? Need to know how to cure bunion pain? The take a look below for some ideas about treating them.

Bunions occur on the joint at the base of the big toe. This joint carries much of your weight. The condition can cause severe pain. Here are ten measures you can take to help ease the problem.


How to Cure Bunion Pain? 10 Ways to Ease the Bunion Pain

  1. Choose the right footwear

Wear well-fitting, low-heeled, comfortable shoes that have plenty of space for your toes and the wide part of your foot. A bunion usually leads to widening of the foot, which means you may need a wider shoe for comfort. Go to a store where the staff will measure your feet and fit you with an appropriate shoe.  Wear sandals as they leave the bunion area exposed.

  1. Protect the bunion with a gel-filled pad, or moleskin.
  1. Bunion splints

A bunion splint is designed to hold your big toe in a straighter position, ease discomfort and reduce stress on the joint.

  1. Shoe inserts

Use these to help position your foot correctly. You can get over-the-counter arch supports or prescription orthotic devices.

  1. Bunion sleeves

A bunion sleeve helps protect the bunion from shoe friction. It has a protective gel layer that cushions the bunion. It fits over the foot like a sock. It protects, but does not splint the toe in the way a bunion splint does. It help reduce pain and inflammation by reducing stress on the toe joint.

  1. Gel toe spreaders

These gel toe spreaders are also known as spacers or separators. They separate the big toe from the second toe. With a bunion, the big toe angles toward the second toe and may press against it. This can lead to more foot problems, such as corns.

  1. Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen. Always consult your doctor first.
  1. Apply a topical analgesic

These products often contain menthol that cause a cooling, soothing sensation. Some products contain capsaicin, a compound derived from chili peppers that temporarily blocks pain signals to the area where you apply it.

  1. Apply an ice pack to the area several times a day. Soak the affected foot in a foot spa, if you have one. Alternatively, pour a few tablespoons of Epsom salt or any bath salts, into a bowl filled with cool or lukewarm water. Soak for 5-15 minutes.
  1. Exercise your toes

Try some stretching exercises for the affected toe.  Exercise helps stabilise the foot and prevent the bunion getting worse.
If your bunion is causing you pain and distress for at least a year, then surgery will be the only treatment that will cure the problem.  If your bunion(s) are affecting your everyday life, you should see a doctor or podiatrist.

All bunions are permanent. There is no 100% cure other than having them surgically removed. However, this doesn’t mean you have to suffer having painful bunions. They don’t have to make you miserable and restrict your activities. Try one or more of the measures above about how to cure bunion pain.