Have you experienced ankle joint pain and aches? If this is keeping you from going about your daily activities then you should look into effective pain relief options. There is no need to let yourself suffer any further from joint pain that can be preventable and/or improved.

Instead of letting the pain restrict your movement, fight back by wearing an ankle brace or sleeve! In this particular scenario, a sleeve may provide you with the best comfort and relief. We suggest considering the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support sleeve as your ankle pain relief mechanism.

Together, we will review the features of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support sleeve so that you can decide whether or not this will be a good fit for you.

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve Review

Model: Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support  

Company: Bauerfeind

3 Key Features:

  1. Viscoelastic (Knit Fabric)
  2. Promotes Proprioception
  3. Two Soft Pads

Sizes: Available in sizes 1 through 6 (measurements with the suggested size are provided when choosing a size)

Colors: Titan & Blue, Nature, Black & Blue


Benefits of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve

  • Support: The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support brace/sleeve features two soft pads that cushion the inner and outer part of the ankle during movement. This works to keep your ankle swelling reduced while providing comfort and support.
  • Injury Prevention & Active Recovery: By wearing this sleeve you are able to prevent further swelling and injury. However, it is not very structured, so I would suggest this sleeve for low impact activities and daily wear.
  • Improved Circulation: This sleeve offers compression through its high quality knit material that promotes proprioception, which increases the ankle’s sensory awareness. Therefore, your ankle is able to improve its joint stabilization as well as benefit from the improved circulation.
  • Comfortable Fit: The viscoelastic knit fabric comfortably stretches to apply the sleeve and then compresses once on. It is also lightweight and breathable so that it will not retain heat and sweat. Additionally, as this is a sleeve, it is very slim and non-bulky, which is great for daily wear!
  • Suitable for Low Impact Activities: Because this is a sleeve and not a brace with a more rigid structure, it should be used for low impact activities and daily wear, rather than high-impact sports. However, you could use it for high impact sports if you are just looking for an ankle sleeve rather than optimal support. But, for its best use and application, I would suggest using this sleeve for less rigorous activities in order to be most effective.
  • Pain Relief: The goal of this sleeve is to reduce swelling and provide pain relief.

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How to Use the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve

This is definitely one of the easiest ankle options to use. I am sure you don’t even need this explanation, but for the sake of clarity, I will explain it, just in case!

So, here it is.. Just slip the sleeve onto your ankle, and you are ready to enjoy its benefits! How great is that? It is so simple! Also, it is machine washable, which is awesome.

Additionally, you can choose to wear it with or without a sock. It is up to you to see which you believe is most comfortable. I feel that with sleeves, it is best if you wear your sock over the sleeve since the sleeve is so slim and slick anyway!

How Not to Use the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve:

  • Although this sleeve is machine washable, that does not mean you can use it during water sports!
  • Also, be sure to review the sizing chart, as it does not follow the normal sizing options you are accustomed to seeing.


Features of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve

Viscoelastic (Knit Fabric): This fabric is stretchy but also provides ideal compression to help reduce swelling and pain. Additionally, the sleeve is machine washable!

Promotes Proprioception: Basically, this means that the sleeve is able to stimulate blood flow which helps your ankle sensory receptors to better control joint movement.

Two Soft Pads: The sleeve features two pads on the inner and outer side of the ankle to provide extra comfort and support. They also work to keep down any swelling.


  • Viscoelastic (Knit Fabric)
  • Two Soft Pads
  • Lightweight Material
  • Breathable Material


What Does the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve Do?

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve offers pain relief for your ankle. It works to reduce swelling as well as stimulate blood flow resulting in improved ankle movement.

These are some of the benefits you can gain from using this brace:

  • Pain Relief
  • Light Support
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Compression
  • Comfortable Fit

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Who is the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve for?

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve is great for those that want to reduce ankle joint swelling and pain. Whether this is caused by an ankle injury or osteoarthritis, this sleeve can be a potential option for you. You can use it during day-to-day activities in order to reduce swelling and ankle pain!

Also, this sleeve is so simple and easy to use, and it is machine washable!

Furthermore, it is available in several colors and sizes, so you can find the right fit for you.

Who Should Not Buy It:

I would not suggest this ankle sleeve if you are looking for optimal support. This sleeve provides light support and is more focused on its compression and ability to improve blood flow while reducing pain and swelling. So, if you need a high support brace to use during sports, I would suggest you look into a different option.



Product Pros

  • Viscoelastic (Knit Fabric)
  • Two Soft Pads
  • Lightweight Material
  • Breathable Material
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Machine Washable
  • Available in Titan & Blue, Nature, Black & Blue

Product Cons

  • Lacks a Strong Support Structure
  • No Bilateral Stays


Customer Support and Warranty

As previously seen with other Bauerfeind products, this company cares about its consumers. They offer 100% guarantee with the product or you will get your full money back (within 60 days)! They also have other warranty options as well.

To learn more, you can view their warranty and return process on their website.


Consumer Ratings

Consumers are raving about this product online! There are several consumers that use this product for different tasks and sports and purposes. Some have just undergone surgery and are using this sleeve to help them get back to walking normally before resuming normal activities. Others are using it as a means of easing ankle soreness with extra compression and support during rigorous sports like soccer.

Final Thoughts on the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support Sleeve

This Bauerfeind Malleo Ankle Support sleeve is very easy to use and has exceptionally great reviews! So, it seems to definitely be a consistent product overall. Furthermore, it is a high-quality product from a well-recognized brand, which provides extra credibility as well.

I believe this is a great ankle sleeve option if you are looking to reduce ankle joint pain and swelling.

We hope this article helped you discover the benefits of this sleeve and that you are feeling pain relief soon!


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