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When you have back pain, you often suffer from abnormal back mechanics.  This often means that the back is too straight and has lost its normal lumbar curvature. This causes extra stress on the ligaments and vertebral bodies in the back so that the back pain is perpetuated.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep the back from having an abnormal curvature.  How can a lumbar support pillow help back pain?  It is usually helpful because it can reverse the abnormal straightening of the back so that you can get pain relief while using the pillow for comfort.

How to Use a Lumbar Support Pillow for Back Pain

Lumbar support pillows come in different sizes and shapes.  There are pillows that can be tucked behind the back and pillows that wrap around the waist with a bulging part that fits in the small of your back.  Regardless of the size and shape of the pillow, the idea is to have the fullest part of the pillow resting in the small of your back so that the normal lumbar curvature can be maintained.

The lumbar pillow can be used any time you are sitting down, whether it be on a hard surface, such as a dinner table chair or on a soft surface, such as on the couch.  It tends to work better on a soft surface because the curvature of a soft chair or couch can exaggerate the pressure on the spine, reducing the normal lumbar curvature even more.

Lumbar support pillows can be used when you sleep as well.  If you usually lie on your back when sleeping, you can simply tuck the pillow into the small of your back.  If you are a side sleeper, you will have to have a lumbar support pillow that has a strap around your waist or curves around the sides of your body so the lumbar support system is snug against your back.

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How Can a Lumbar Support Pillow Help Back Pain When Using a Heating Pad?

If you are suffering from spasm of your lumbar muscles, you may want to have local heat to the affected muscles as well as a support pillow to maintain lumbar curvature.  In such cases, you can put the heating pad on your back first and then use the more bulky support pillow on top of the heating pad you are using.

Remember that heat should be applied only about thirty minutes at a time, while the lumbar support pillow can be used continuously.  You can get around this by shutting off the heating pad after thirty minutes and allowing the heating pad to cool down without having to remove the heating pad and readjust the pillow.

The heating pad won’t cool down as fast as it would if you removed the pad altogether but it is much more convenient to keep the arrangement of the pad and the pillow so you don’t strain your back trying to readjust everything every thirty minutes.


How can a lumbar support pillow help back pain?  By restoring the normal lumbar curvature, a lumbar support pillow can take the tension off of the vertebral bodies and supportive ligaments that occur when your lower back is too straight.

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