Which Heating Pad Gets Hottest?

There is a certain group of heating pad users that are only able to get maximum relief from extremely hot heating pads. You might be one of them looking for THE hottest heating pad. By “extremely hot”, I’m referring to temperatures capable of causing second and third degree burns.

For information on which heating pad gets hottest, I sought input from users who have dealt with chronic pain for decades-either from fibromyalgia, prior back surgeries, or other similar conditions.

In researching this article, I found quite a few of them seeking out the older heating pads, which were not subject to today’s restrictions.  Of course, when using heat of this magnitude, safety procedures must always be followed precisely.

The individuals who require extreme heat are very familiar with how to safely use heat of this level-they are intimately familiar with both their pain and their heat requirement.

4 Options for Hottest Heating Pad

There are three clear contenders for the top spot of “Hottest Heating Pad”.  The Thermophore MaxHeat 056-B-106-C, The Sunbeam 938-511, and the homemade “microwavable rice-in-a-sock”.

Thermophore MaxHeat Deep Heat Therapy

This model has one of the highest available temperature settings on the market. It can reach 176 F or 80 C, this is very hot.

The Thermophore heating pad, large size 14″x27″, comes in 4 different models. They all get very hot the differences is the switch/controller and a extra moisture package.

Click the model number for our in dept reviews.

  • Model 055 – Simple hold/release switch.
  • Model 155 – Slider control with 3 temperature settings.
  • Model 255 – Simple hold/release switch + extra moisture package.
  • Model 355 – Slider control with 3 temperature settings + extra moisture package.

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BodyMed ZZHP1427

This is a heavy duty heating pad that gets very hot, up to 166 F or 74 C.

This is also one of the few heating pads that come with a LCD screen where you can actually see the temperature setting on the screen. A lot of the other pads come with slider control or high, medium, low settings but not this one. Here you see the actual temperature setting.

The longest heat setting that can be set is 60 minutes.

If you want to know more about the BodyMed ZZHP1427, large heating pad, read our review, here.

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The Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size Heating Pad with LED Controller

This model seems to have the a lot of satisfied users.  The “4” setting seems to satisfy most hot heat-seekers.  It has an automatic two hour shut-off and provides consistent heat.  The Sunbeam 938-511 has the capacity for moist or dry heat, in very soft and comfortable, and can be wrapped around joint very easily.

The controller of the 938-511 has a reputation for malfunctioning, and the 938-511 has a reputation for becoming inoperable after about a year of constant use.  Despite its drawbacks, users of the 938-511 are so devoted to its performance that they often buy two or three at a time, in order to always have a working unit on hand. You can read our full Sunbeam 938-511 review here.

Microwavable Rice-in-a-Sock

I was surprised to find that this low-tech device was so popular in the “hottest heating pad” category.  The only drawback seems to be that it doesn’t provide consistent heat for a long period of time.  It is composed of uncooked rice placed in a tube sock, which is the knotted at one end.  This is then placed in the microwave to be heated.

The degree of heat can be adjusted by adjusted how long it’s left in the microwave, and on what setting it is heated.  Because uncooked rice contains a bit of moisture, a “rice-in-a-sock” provides moist heat, which penetrates both more quickly and deeper than dry heat.  They are flexible, comfortable, and more than one can easily be used for larger areas.

These four heating pads, the Thermophore MaxHeat heating pad, the BodyMed pad, the Sunbeam 938-511 and the “Rice-in-a-sock” appear to be the hottest heating pads available.  Should you be one of those users that require intensely hot heat, these are the four heating pads you should consider.