For those of you who don’t know anything about shiatsu massage, it is an Asian type of massage that works deep to the muscles to relieve spasm and pain in the muscles.

You can hire someone to do this kind of massage for you but there are chairs, such as the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C, available as well, that can do a similar massage for you any time you want to.

Why Buy a Home Shiatsu Massage Chair?

This type of chair offers you the opportunity for a daily massage of the muscles of your lower neck, arms, forearms, upper back, lower back, and legs. Some chairs come heated so they soften the muscles as the rollers move over the muscles, stretching them, and increasing flexibility.

This is the perfect kind of chair for people who have chronic muscle problems and don’t want to hire a masseuse or see a chiropractor every week.

You can hop in your chair at any time and can get almost instant relief of muscle soreness and muscle spasm. The heat will relieve the spasm of the muscles while the rollers will stretch them, decreasing spasm as well.

These types of chairs are extremely heavy and, once you get a couple of strong people to put it where you want it, you will want to keep it there.

It reclines all the way back so you can stretch out and relax as the chair does its magic on your muscles.

Advantages of a Home Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage is an extremely effective form of massage for people who suffer from deep muscle pain as well as pain in the ligaments and tendons. If you don’t want to pay for regular shiatsu massage at a massage parlor, you can invest in a chair that will do essentially the same thing any time you want to have the experience of muscle pain relief and improved flexibility.

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A good chair massage can last up to an hour, during which the rollers move back and forth across your upper and lower back. It has air bladders that squeeze and massage the muscles of the legs, upper arms, and forearms as well.

While the chair works, you can just relax, read, or watch television. Many chairs have a heating feature that will help the muscles soften as they are being massaged. You can use the chair after exercise to relax the muscles so they don’t stiffen up from whatever activity it is you were doing.

The chair can be used by sedentary people as well. People who are older will find the chair especially comfortable as it applies heat and gentle massaging motions over the entire body.

Most Shiatsu Massage chairs will fit anyone’s body unless you happen to be very short or very large. Overall, a shiatsu massage chair is worth the money, especially if muscle problems are something you deal with all the time.

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