knee painKnee pain is extremely common, especially among those people who are overweight, obese, or who are elderly.

Some people have such severe arthritis that they require a knee replacement or other kind of surgery for their knee pain.

Most of the time, however, you can use some home remedies for treating this kind of pain.  These include the following

5 Home Remedies for Arthritis of the Knees


1. The Application of Ice

Ice is a good pain reliever for arthritic knee pain.  You basically need to purchase a commercial ice pack or simply use a bag of ice or a package of frozen vegetables to put on the affected knee or knees.

The treatment is usually done over a 30-minute period of time before removing the ice pack and allowing it to warm up before applying the ice again.  Because there is a risk of frostbite to the skin when you use an ice pack without a cover, you should put a towel or cloth between the ice pack and your knees.

You can do this type of home remedy whenever you feel pain, such as after activity or even before engaging in exercise.  They make ice packs that are especially made to wrap around the knee  so you don’t have to hold it on the affected knees.


2. The Application of Heat

Heat is a good way of easing the pain of an arthritic knee.  You can use a heating pad or a patch you buy at the pharmacy that puts heat and menthol onto the affected knee area.   You can also buy online, heating pads for the kneethat form fit around the knee itself.

You can’t put heat on the affected knee for longer than 30 minutes as this can increase the inflammation of the knee. As with ice, you should have a towel or cloth between the heating pad and your skin so you don’t get burned by the heating pad.  Some heating pads come automatically with covers.


3. Knee Immobilizer

You can relieve your pain by using a knee immobilizer that you purchase at the pharmacy or get a prescription for by your doctor.  There are long knee immobilizers and short, elastic knee immobilizers that keep the patella in alignment and that relieve the pain because the knee is not being moved.

Take off the knee immobilizer several times per day so that you can give the knee a chance to go through its normal range of motion.


4. Use Mentholated Ointment

This can be applied to the knee and will soak in, decreasing your perception of pain.  Mentholated ointment is an especially good treatment for knee pain as you can apply it as much as you want without any damage to the knee.


5. Capsaicin Cream

This is a cream you can get over the counter that is made from red hot chili peppers.  It soaks into the affected knee or knees and gradually rids the area of substance P, which is a neurochemical that causes the perception of pain.  It doesn’t work right away but, with ongoing application, you can relieve your knee pain without having to have surgery.

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