Heating pads for neck and shoulders pain are specifically designed to be placed around the neck or covering a shoulder, while holding to that position. Unlike the typical heating pads that are made flat for use on areas that are not bent or curved. These types of pads are uniquely made for those trouble spots. They are usually designed to contour around the neck or shoulder to improve user comfort.

While chemical packs or hot water bottles can help, electric heating pads are the best type of pads to use. This is due to the ease of use, the temperature control, and the duration of use that electric heating pads have over the other types. Chemical heating packs are not reusable, and hot water bottles can be messy.

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The following list contains features that are present on the most common electric heating pads:

Customized Heat Settings

You can set the amount of heat that is right for your own use. Different pain or discomfort levels may require different heat levels to alleviate the pain, and with a controller that you can personally set, you won’t need to worry that the pad is too hot or too cold.

Washable Outer Cover

Covers can be removed for washing to rid it of sweat, dirt, or odor from repeated use. Sanitizing the cover will kill germs. Moist heat is the number one cause for mold growth, so washing the cover periodically will stop the chance of this happening.

Moist or Dry Heat

Most electrical heating pads now come with an option for which type of heat you prefer- dry or moist. What type of pad you chose is up to you and your specific needs.

On/Off Switch

Every electrical heating pad should have a low voltage connection with a built-in plug that will connect to any outlet, and can be unplugged when it is not in use.

Automatic Shut-off

Most electrical heating pads now come with an automatic shut-off, making safety a priority. If the user falls asleep or is unable to turn off or remove the pad after a prolonged period, the pad can automatically shut itself off. This reduces the chances of skin damage or burn due to extended exposure to heat.

We review the Top 5 Neck and Shoulder Heat Pads Here.

Moist heat is one of the most frequently recommended treatments by Massage Therapists and Chiropractors. Heating pads with moist heat can penetrate more deeply into soft tissue than dry heat can. There are a lot of uses for heating pads for neck and shoulder pain.

Headaches, migraines, sinus problems, surgical procedures, jaw or TMJ dysfunction, and shoulder joint or rotator-cuff issues can all be helped by applying moist heat. Moist heat can increase blood flow and bring more fresh blood cells to reduce static inflammation for chronic conditions, and remove toxic substances that have built up. Moist heating pads can also increase mobility and give stress relief from chronic pain.

Heating pads for neck and shoulders are a proven why to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.