Heating Pads for Back PainAre you looking for a heating pad for back pain? Is your back aching after a long day of work and activities? Maybe you sit in front of the computer and your back really starts bothering you.

Applying heat to an achy back, can soothe and ease the pain. The heat from a heating pad will dilate your blood vessels and allow for better oxygen flow and nutrients to the heated area. Applied to the painful area, this will help ease the pain and heal the damage faster.

Heat loosen up your muscles which decrease stiffness and increase flexibility. Applying heat also give you that “feel good” feeling.

There are two different kinds of heat to apply when it comes to heating pads;

  • Infrared heat
  • Electric heat

The far infrared heat (FIR) will penetrate deeper into the muscle and allow for deeper muscle pain relief. The far infrared heat works great for pain relief, muscle spasm and soreness. The FIR heat comes with many benefits and is often used to detoxify the body as well.


Infrared Heating Pad

Looking at the heating pads that include Far infrared heat, you also get many other features and benefits.

Many of them include negative ions, which is good as a natural anti depressant, it also help clear the air, helps you relax and sleep better.  Stones like jade, tourmaline and amethyst can also be included.

So why is far infrared heat and stones good for your back pain?

Far infrared heat and stones like jade get a long very well. The stones absorb the far infrared heat and distribute it evenly.

These FIR hot stones have been proven to help relieve pain like:

  • Back pain
  • Deep muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica

Here’s some more information and the top 5 far infrared heat heating pads, we recommend:



The FIR pads are great heating pads for back pain!


Electric Heating Pad for Lower Back Pain

Depending on where your back pain is located, there are different heating pad solutions. If you suffer from pain in your lower back area you can use a large far infrared heating pad like we talked about above or a regular electric heating pad.

The regular heating pad will warm up the treated area, relax your muscles and loosen them up. The heat will penetrate, not to the extent a FIR heat pad will, but still give you pain relief.

The regular heating pads come in many different sizes but for best relief we suggest a large heating pad to cover your lower back.

We review the top 10 heating pads here:



These are good heating pads for back pain!


Electric Heating Pad for Upper Back and Neck Pain

If you are suffering from pain in the upper part of your back, pain that might work it’s way up in your neck and shoulder area, a heating pad designed for that specific area will work better for you.

These heating pads will cover your whole neck, shoulder and upper back area. Giving you the shape you need to treat upper back and neck pain.

Applying heat to the area can help you relax your muscles and ease your pain.

These are our top 5 suggestions for upper back neck and shoulder heating pads:


What’s your choice when it comes to heating pads for back pain?

Always consult your doctor before using a heating pad if you have back pain.