Are you looking for a heating pad at Walmart? We have found that purchasing your heating pad online, comes with many benefits.

1. You can order it today and have it delivered to your door.

2. The price online is often the lowest.

3. Many models that are NOT available at Walmart can be found online.

We recommend that you find the heating pad that`s right for you, it may be at Walmart, it may be online. Focus on the best heating pad for your needs.

Use of Heating Pads

The use of a heating pad is one of the common ways to relieve pain, such as back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. It is usually applied to the affected area. This pad provides variable degrees of heat depending on one’s needs.

Heating pads for pain relief increase blood flow to the affected or aching area, thus promoting healing. Others use them during cold weather to increase their comfort.

Heating pads provide an inexpensive way to provide pain relief to a patient. There is a wide spectrum of heating pad options available on the market, from high end computerized systems to basic ones.

5 Great Heating Pads 2018

1. Body-Med Electrical Digital Moist Heating Pad – Hot Pad

The Body Med heating pad comes in three sizes and two colors, and is ideal for your shoulders, neck and back. It is used in physical therapy centers and rehabs.

You can set the pad to the precise temperature based on your needs, and the temperature is in degrees. It weighs 3.8 pounds.

The pad is designed for physiotherapy and treatment duration of about 30 minutes is sufficient. However, the pad has Velcro straps which seem to annoy some consumers.

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2. Sunbeam Neck Wrap Heat Therapy – For Your Neck

The Sunbeam Heat Therapy Wrap is designed to treat shoulder and neck pain. It is made of machine washable and comfortable fabric. It has a magnetic clasp and slanted edges to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

The user can either choose moist heat or dry heat. This will largely depend on his or her needs. It comes with four heat settings. The device automatically shuts off after two hours.

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3. Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat – FIR Heat

The Infrared Heat Healing Jade Mat is the most expensive and biggest on this list. It has pieces of jade stones and comes in different sizes. It provides an invisible infrared heat which is capable of penetrating deep inside the skin to relieve pain and improve blood flow. Some say that this is the best heat due to deep penetration.

You will need to cover it with a towel since it can get too hot for your skin.

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4. Sunbeam Xpress Heat Extra Large Heating Pad – Most Comfortable

The Sunbeam Xpress Heat Extra Large Heating Pad is one of the best heating pad in the market at the moment. It has 6 heat settings and a machine washable cover.

It comes in two colors and measures 12 x 24. It heats up in just about a half a minute and automatically shuts off after an hour. The Sunbeam Xpress Heating Pad has a moist heat option for deep therapeutic therapy.

It is large enough to be wrapped around your shoulders, knees, back and neck.

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5. Sunbeam Body Shaped Heating Pad

It cannot be denied that the Sunbeam Body heating Pad is one of the most effective and versatile heating pads available on the market today.

The Velcro strap can extend up to about 70 inches letting you wrap this pad around your stomach, leg, knee, shoulder and back.

The removable hot and cold gel pack lets you carry this pad with you to the workplace. It automatically shuts off after two hours, 9 inches long and is backed by a 2-year warranty.


That was a few suggestions for you. Heating pad Walmart or bought online will be up to you. But all the suggested ones here will be available online.

What`s your favorite? Feel free to share below in the comment section. If you need help picking one out, check out our heating pad guide.