Back pain, stress, fatigue, and constant illnesses plague even the best of us. When it happens, it is a real struggle that even routine tasks become a burden. You will find that heat and cold compressions relieve such pain and relax your body. The relief is only for a short time, and soon enough it is back and we repeat the cycle every day. This isn’t the life we want for ourselves. That is why you need a long-term solution to get back a normal life.

HealthyLine has designed an ultimate solution for your wholesome body healing. Using jade and tourmaline therapy stones as a mat, you can sit and lean on when driving, or on the passenger seat. This way you can receive its benefits even on the go. This method has been known to produce healing and therapeutic effects. You especially improve in physical health as well as your emotional health. You can now have your spa session on the go as it has a lightweight design that is portable.

HealthyLine Far Infrared Tourmaline & Jade Heating or Cooling Seat Review

From: HealthyLine 

Product: Far Infrared Heat, Tourmaline and Jade Heating and Cooling Seat

Size: 76″ x 32″

FDA registered: Yes

Can the seat be used in the car? Yes

What are Some Benefits of the Heated Stone Therapy?

Tourmaline and jade stones have been used traditionally in Asian society for over a thousand years. The developments added to the traditional therapy are more safe and secure and produces better results.

The stones release negative ions and Far Infrared waves that slowly and gently penetrate to every part of your body. The benefits are endless. So let’s look at what each of these components does to our bodies.

Negative Ions

They exist naturally in the atmosphere especially around water bodies like rivers, oceans, lakes and in some earth naturally occurring precious stones like tourmaline and jade stones. These ions connect with positive ions in the air to neutralize their existence. Positive ions cause us allergies from dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and perfumes. When you inhale the negative ions released from your heated stone mat, immediate relief from allergies is experienced. They also enter your bloodstream and initiate biochemical reactions that function to deliver ‘feel-good’ hormones.

You’ll notice that your mood lifts and you feel more calm and peaceful when you start using this heated stones mat. It boosts regeneration of blood cells, consequently improving your body’s defense against disease. The negative ions also help in healing any injuries, and as they revitalize your body’s cells, scars slowly start diminishing. If you happen to get liver spots, it tremendously helps to clean your body of toxins so that your skin remains blemish free.

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Far-Infrared Waves

The heat produced by heating the stone mat penetrates deeply from the surface to the inner organs to produce healing effects. This FIR heat seat penetrates 4″ to 6″ into body. It causes the muscles to soften and release any tension build up. This sensation relieves you stress from pain hence you can sleep more peacefully. The waves also help lose stubborn fat, as they have a sauna effect of heating your body so that it burns calories as it tries to cool down. You also benefit from reduced water retention and elimination of free radicals and carcinogenic materials from your body.

Tourmaline waves primarily deal with your involuntary functions of the heart and body muscles.  One, it has been seen to cleanse the kidney and liver of accumulated wastes. In turn, any wastes elimination through the skin reduces, and you start seeing changes in the appearance of pimples and uneven skin tones. It also boosts your metabolism so that your body resists gaining weight and consequently you evade getting diseases associated with high body fat like diabetes and high blood pressure.

FIR produced by jade stones in particular help with your skin and emotional health. It connects to bringing your body relaxation as it helps regulate the release of hormones by the various body organs. This connection is expressed as users have shown to receive regular periods with reduced cramping. You’ll notice that any problems you have with arthritis are slowly relieved as your body starts to balance hormones. The balance keeps your mood stable, and it alleviates depression and constant headaches.

healthy line jade tourmaline small mat

The Jade and Tourmaline Seat; Design and Functionality

This particular stone mat has the design for use with all driver and passenger seats for all vehicle models. It folds nicely to fit the shape of your car seat and contours to the form of your body when you seat and lean on it. 12V power outlets work with this jade and tourmaline mat, for either heating or cooling on the go. It can also be used with a power converter if your power outlet does not support the plug. This mat is convenient since you don’t have to strap yourself in such that your hands remain free and you can drive your car as you normally could.

It has a power control where you can adjust temperature for up to 50 degrees and receive your healing or pleasure on the go. Think about how many hours you spend every day driving or in jams. It is a perfect way to rejuvenate your body. It is flexible, and you can shift the position quickly. The control system is effortless as you can feel the buttons and adjust the setting simply by feeling. The EMF button is unique for it detects the presence of radiation in electronic systems and counteracts their effects.

You’ll notice that it is a bit dense. This density is because it has over twelve layers for specific functions to the body. It comes with a carrying case to enable mobility so that you can take it with you when you change cars. The instructions booklet has a clear description that is easy to understand. For your back and shoulders leaning on it will produce immediate healing effects. You can stay for as long as you want on the mat since it automatically switches off when you reach the maximum time for a session.

Who Should Use This Far Infrared Heat Seat?

If you are looking to benefit from negative ions and FIR heat therapy, then, this product is designed for your specific needs.

When you are in search for a mat for use in the car, well, this mat is also for you. Driving for long hours is a leading cause of sore muscles and joint pain. Choose this heated stone mat to prevent the occurrence of muscle soreness and stress as you drive. If you want a mat that carries the different stones in one mat, this is what you are looking for.

This mat can be used for pleasure and for improving health. If you feel you want to feel re-energized, you do not want to pass this product. The benefits are tremendous, and you will start feeling better with each use. Improving your health and lifestyle is what this heated mat stone. Anyone who believes they want to regain control of their lives, heated stones therapy goes a long way in making it happen.

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Who Should NOT use a Heated Stones Mat?

The various benefits of this mat can be experienced by a large part of the population, except for a small group that we shall discuss. If you have an external heart pacemaker, you may not get to use this mat since the two sets of equipment interfere with the functioning of each other. If you have an internal pacemaker, it is crucial to consult with your doctor.

Other persons include infants, pregnant women, anyone with open wounds, and hemorrhage not to use this heated stones as it may cause bleeding in hemophiliacs as well as pose threats to early stages of pregnancy. If you have also gone through an organ transplant, the heated stones mat may get rejected by the new organ, and now cause you more harm than good.

Also, if you have any serious conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, Heat Sensitive conditions, Bypass surgery, brain tumors, and cancers should always use the heated stone at very low temperature. You also remember to limit the time of usage for every session to less than half an hour.

Always consult a doctor before the use of a heat pad.

Customer Support and Warranty

HealthyLine has the best warranty system. They make sure to stand behind their product that is why their 1-year warranty is 100% guaranteed. This warranty covers repairs and maintenance for the whole year and also a replacement in case the product becomes faulty.

They also have a five-year warranty for the control system and a lifetime trade-in-allowance. That is you will receive a discounted price on a new model or in exchange of an older model you have. They have a customer support through their website where you can have your questions answered.


HealthyLine Far Infrared Tourmaline & Jade Heating or Cooling Seat

You stand to benefit from the HealthyLine Far Infrared Tourmaline & Jade Heating seat for both your emotional and physical health. The essential thing is that you take charge of your life and know your health requirements. Every day is another day to gain control of your life and live it to the fullest.

What’s more, listen to your body as you use this mat, for you should not feel any pain when using it. Also, it is advised that you take lots of fluids, more so water when using this mat. May you gain more happiness and health as you choose your health above all.

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