Sure you can get a box of chocolate but do you want to impress your loved one take it one step further this Valentine Day. Give him or her the best gift for Valentine Day!

What better gift to give your spouse, male or female, then the gift of relaxation? We live in a stressful world, getting to relax will help recharge the batteries. A great gift that will last, and, your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

You know your loved one best, how he or she enjoy relaxing, but I’ll give a you a few scenarios below so that you can surprise your loved one and give him or her the best Valentine day ever.


Great Gifts for Valentine Day under $20

A great way to relax is by enjoying a hot bath. Turn the light off, light some candles and make it extra cozy in there. You can ad some Epsom salt, bubble bath or bath bomb to even further improve the experience.

When your loved one is enjoying the bath, sneak in and serve a glass of their favorite drink, what ever it might be. Now you can add some music in the back ground, get a new book for your loved one to enjoy, whatever you can do to give your loved one that little extra wow factor.

Put the towel in the dryer so it’s warm and cozy when it’s time to get out of the bath. Giving your loved one an hour or two to truly relax, while you are pampering, will be something s/he will remember for a long time.

Gifts to get:


Massage the Ultimate Gift

You can always combine the above with an extra gift or event.


What better way to relax than getting a massage? If you are on a budget then giving that massage yourself is a great option. If you want to book a time at the local spa, that’s a great option as well.

Get the Massage to Last Longer…

There are other options though if you want to be able to get a massage by the push of a button. This is something that can be enjoyed not only on Valentine day but through out the whole year.

The ultimate option is a massage chair, that massages your full body or target in on your back and neck area. Imagine that you with the push of a button, right there from your home can enjoy a massage. This is a gift that your loved one will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.

We review the top 13 massage chairs here!

If you know that your loved one has ache or pain in certain parts of the body, then maybe a massage tool that can help with that specific area would be a good option.

Does your loved one get neck pains? Many sit in front of the computer during the day, which can make your neck stiff and achy. Or maybe your loved one suffer from back pain? Most of us get back pains at some point in our lives. Or maybe your loved one is on her feet all day long and needs a good foot rub…

Here are 3 different kinds of massage tools that can help:

Click on the links for in-depth reviews and explanations.

I hope you found “Great Gifts for Valentine Day” when it comes to your loved one!