ways to relieve back pain during pregnancyUsually, a woman experiences a lot of changes in her life during pregnancy. From emotional to physical, there are a lot of new things an expectant mother undergoes. Some are wonderful, whereas others are perturbing.

A great present to a pregnant woman would be any stuff that can bring a smile on her face. However, choosing gifts for expectant moms can be a daunting and challenging task.

Do not fret. Here are some…

Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

1. Comfortable Pillow

During pregnancy, the body requires maximum support. The abdomen needs lots of support since it keeps on growing in size every day.

Pregnancy pillows are one of the perfect gifts one can give a pregnant mother. It enables her to sleep comfortably in various positions. In addition to this, these pillows are filled with soft and fluffy fiber.

2. Massage

A monthly massage is another great gift for an expectant woman. You might want to get and present to her a spa prenatal massage certificate that will let her treat herself at the beauty salon.

Aside from massage, you can choose to get her a pedicure, manicure or facial certificate from the salon to. Even so, you have to make sure that the certificate is from her favorite beauty salon.

3. Consider Essential Oils

Pregnancy can become very uncomfortable. It is usually accompanied by a host of diseases or conditions such as back pain, headache, swollen ankles, morning sickness and so forth. Aromatherapy is one of most effective ways to relieve the stress. It is usually recommended to make the most of essential oils during this time.

It brings about a cooling and calming effect, thus soothing the expectant mother’s mind. It should be noted that however there are some essential oils that aren’t so effective for expectant moms. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult with a health care provider or the chemist concerning the oil you’re buying. Geranium, lemon and lavender are recommended for pregnant moms.

4. Books

Expectant mothers love reading books and magazines regarding prenatal development, baby care, baby names, nursing, etc. There is countless number of books available on the bookshops. You might want to buy her a number of these books and wrap it nicely.

5. Birthing Ball or Bouncing Ball

Standing and sitting becomes quite difficult during the time of pregnancy. Pregnant women often find it difficult to sit on the sofa because it causes them to go in, thus making it almost impossible to get off the sofa.

Bouncing or birthing balls are one of the best gifts you can buy for her. They are very firm making it easy for them to sit and get up. These inflatable and bouncing balls are used to relieve pain during childbirth, as well.



Buying a present for an expectant mother ought not to be a difficult task. Depending on individual tastes, personality and preference make sure you know one’s preference before you buy a gift for them.