Shoulder painIf you have lifted something heavy or are someone who sits all day in front of a computer screen, you may be suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

When the muscles have been stiffened for a period of time, they go into spasm and you will have difficulty turning your neck or lifting your arms at the shoulders.

The best treatment for this type of pain and stiffness is an electric heating pad.

There are several different types of electric heating pads to choose from. In this post we take a look at:

3 Different Kinds of Electric Heating Pads for Neck and Shoulders

1. Regular Heating Pad

For a pretty low cost, you can purchase a regular heating pad online. It is a square or rectangular pad that has heating coils in it that heat up to varying degrees of heat when you plug it into an electrical socket and turn up the dial.

The heat from the heating pad is absorbed through the skin and heats up the muscles of the neck and shoulders, increasing the circulation of the tissues and decreasing the muscle spasm of these areas.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of electric heating pad for neck and shoulders is that it is not easy to get to both sides of the neck and shoulders with just one pad.  You may need two heating pads or you may need to alternate using the pad first on one side of the neck and shoulders and then on the other side.

This type of heat should be applied for thirty minutes at a time, giving the muscles a chance to cool down before applying the heat again.  If you have just one heating pad, you can alternate sides every thirty minutes for maximal pain relief.

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2. Far Infrared Ray Heating Pad

These are more expensive than regular heating pads but generally are more successful in reducing the pain in the deeper muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Far infrared heating pads contain jade discs that absorb heat from an electrical source, giving off the heat as far infrared ray heat. This type of heat can absorb as deep into the tissues as 2 to 3 inches deep to the skin, providing better pain relief and increased circulation to the deeper muscles.

Some of these infrared ray heating pads come with tourmaline discs and amethyst crystals that give off negative ions, which have their own health benefits.  These types of heating pads are also square or rectangular, making them more difficult to form around the neck and shoulders.

Like regular heating pads, you use the heat for thirty minutes at a time and can switch back and forth between both sides of the neck and shoulders.

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3. Form-fitting Electrical Heating Pads

You can buy heating pads online that are form fit to the neck and shoulders. You simply place the heating pad over the neck and shoulders and the heat is absorbed on both sides of the neck and shoulders at the same time.

They come in small, medium, and large sizes so you can purchase one that best fits your body frame.  They are plugged into the wall and provide heat for thirty minutes, during which time the circulation is increased and the muscle spasm is decreased.

The biggest disadvantage of these types of electrical heating pads is that they are pretty limited to be used on your neck and shoulder. They are a good investment if you suffer from chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, though.