Jogging injury.Arthritis in the knee is extremely common.  The most common type of knee arthritis is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis develops when the cartilage that covers the knee joint wears away.  Without the protective cartilage, knee joints become painful and inflamed.

There are several easy and effective arthritis knee pain relief solutions that can be used at home.



Inflammation is the cause of most of the pain in your knee, and the first method to use is rest. Your knees are weight-bearing joints, so give your knees a rest for a couple of days,

Use a pillow or cushion to elevate your knee to a point that is above your heart.  In addition to weight-bearing, your knees also work to enable you to stand, climb, walk, and run.

Knees have lots of moving parts that can become inflamed.  Use an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time, three or four times a day, while you’re resting your knee.


Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are also a good first step to relieving arthritis pain.  They can be used in combination with ice and rest.

Be sure to follow the directions on the package, and use with caution if aspirin or ibuprofen/naproxen cause stomach upset.

Turmeric root or curcumin are powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents.  Supplements of these herbs can be taken without the risk of digestive distress.

Heating Pad

If your knee arthritis is still painful after two days of resting, try using a heating pad.  You don’t want to apply heat for the first day or two after an injury, as heat will increase any swelling.

If you have had arthritis in your knee for several months or years, a heating pad can provide tremendous relief.  There are several heating pads available, such as the Sunbeam Xpress, which are specifically made to easily wrap around sore knees.

top 10 heating padsHeating pads increase the blood circulation to your knees.  Increased blood circulation provides increased oxygen and healing nutrients, and helps eliminate the toxins produced by inflammation.

Heat will also help keep your knee muscles relaxed.  Muscles tend to tense up in response to pain.  Both the Sunbeam Xpress and the Thermophore are capable of higher levels of heat to provide maximum pain relief.

Many individuals with knee arthritis prefer to first use ice on their knee, followed by the use of a heating pad.

Topical Analgesic

If, after trying the above methods, you still need more pain relief, try a topical analgesic.  Creams containing capsaicin will temporarily deactivate the pain receptors in the nerve endings of your knee.

If capsaicin doesn’t work for you, look for creams or ointments containing camphor, menthol, or both.  The combination of camphor and menthol deliver a warming/cooling sensation that is soothing as well as pain-relieving.

Arthritis can occur due to injury, surgery, aging, or other conditions.  Many individuals have gotten excellent results from these arthritis knee pain relief solutions.  If you don’t get results from any of these suggestions, you should contact your healthcare provider for advice.


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