If you suffer from neck pain, it is important that you get a good neck wrap heating pad to help you ease that pain. There are some big differences between wrap heating pads that you can find on the market. So you need to know what you are looking for when you are shopping.

Without doubt, Dr. Bob’s Neck Wrap Heating Pad is one of the best heating pads available on the market at the moment. In this review, we’ll look at the features, pros and cons of the heating pad. Read through this guide to find out whether this product is worth your money.

Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad Review

Model: Dr. Bob’s Neck Wrap

3 Key Features

  • Tested and certified
  • Automatic 2 hour shut-off
  • Washable Cover

Size: 24″ x 23″

Color: white


Benefits of Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad

Safe neck wrap – The Dr. Bob`s neck heating pad is 100% safe and more effective than conventional forms of wraps and packs.

You will find this heating pad to be totally different when compared to other types of neck heating pads. It uses a type of heating system that offers deep penetration.

Heat therapy for the neck, shoulders and upper back – The Dr. Bob’s neck heating pad provides therapy to the neck, the shoulders and the upper back.  You can set the treatment time to maximum of 2 hours, after that the pad will shut off automatically However, one can continue with the treatment even after it has shut down – simply with a simple press. This way, you can continue with the treatment for as long as you want.

Relieve stiffness and muscle spasm – The neck heating pad enhances the flow of flood and oxygen to the damaged or affected area of the neck, thus promoting healing. It is very effective when it comes to relieving stiff neck joints and muscle spasms. It also offers healing at cellular level and boosts flexibility.

Relieve migraines and headaches – The pad is helpful for individuals with migraines and headaches as it offers muscle and joint pain relief. It can also massage and relax painful muscle.

It produces a therapeutic heat that has the ability to help the body heal itself.

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How to Use the Neck Heating Pad

The heat pad is quite easy to use. You will just need to wrap it around your neck. Fasten the Velcro closures. Be sure to shut off the system before wrapping around the neck.

There are four heat settings. Press the power button and change the setting according to your needs.

Within a few seconds of switching it on, you’ll begin to feel the calming heat. The heat can be adjusted if you are not comfortable with it.

After two hours the pad will shut off automatically. To turn it on again, press the power button.


Features of Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad

  • Designed to match the shape of your body, thereby offering maximum relief of muscle tension, back pain, neck pain and headaches
  • Every component of the system is tested and approved
  • Reaches maximum heat recommended by UL, meaning it is completely safe
  • It is large in size and can cover a lot of area
  • The pad is portable. This means that you can use the neck heat pad at home, office and when traveling.
  • Automatic two hour shut off

The Cover: The cover is removable and machine washable.

The Controller: Dr. Bob’s neck heating pad is easy to use. As aforesaid, it comes with 4 settings.

You can adjust the heat the suit your requirements. You can set the temperature low, medium or high. To turn it on, press the power button.

Auto Off feature: Yes, the pad will automatically shut off after two hours, but you can set your own desired length of use.


Tech Specs

Product Size: 23 x 24 x 1 inches

Product Weight: 2 pounds

Cord Length: 9 ft.

Portability: Portable

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What Does the Neck Heating Pad Do?

Blood Flow: Dr. Bob`s heat pad is meant to produce a radiant heat that can help increase the flow of blood to the affected part of the body. This will give the body more nutrients and oxygen. As a result, you will feel pain relief.

Migraine Treatment: Most people find their migraine or headache pain disappears with the application of Dr. Bob’s neck heating pad. They normally go for this remedy because they do not want to use prescription medications. In fact, these medicines come with side effects but heat therapy is completely safe.

Shoulder pain: Bob’s neck heating pad fits around the shoulder and can help relieve pain around the shoulder as well.


Who Should Buy the Dr. Bob`s Neck Heating Pad?

Safety: If you are concerned about your safety then this heating pad might be for you.  There are some heating pads that have the potential to damage your skin, clothing and furniture.

Automatic Shut-off: If you are searching for a pad that automatically shut off, then the Dr. Bob`s Neck heating pad is the best option for you. This is because the pad automatically shuts off after 120 minutes.

Comfort: If you are looking for a pad that is comfortable and gentle on your skin then this effective pad will offer the comfort you need.

Do Not Buy if:

This model is designed for your neck and shoulder area. If you plan to use the wrap somewhere else other than the neck and shoulder a large heating pad might be better for you.

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Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and gentle on the skin
  • Easy to wear
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some people think it is a bit small


Consumer Ratings

Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad gets impressive ratings and reviews from consumers online. Most consumers are quite impressed by the performance and features of the products. Even so, there are a few customers that aren’t very happy with the product.


Generally speaking, Dr. Bob’s neck heating pad comes with a good price tag, compared to other neck heating pads out there.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad is an enjoyable and a great way to deal with neck-related pains. With so many options available on the market to choose from, this is definitely one of the best heating pads out there. If used properly, this heating pad is a great form of pain relief and relaxation.

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