When we talk about pain, it is unbelievable how common it has become. Until the 1960s, nerve pain was an unmanageable, constant disturbing pain. With the invention of the TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), it took the world by storm for where conventional ways had failed to manage some of the most chronic pains it showed progress.

It gives hope to individuals who want to gain back their independence and go on about life as normal as possible.

Today, the TENS unit has been incorporated in a simple product where one can receive relief from the comfort of their home.

Let’s go through one of the revolutionary models in the TENS Unit products, which is the DOMAS Electronic Pulse massager. You can acquire it over the counter as an option for the regular pain killers you take for muscle or joint pain. It provides temporary pain relief with the ability to prolong the effects more than the traditional means of curing pain.

DOMAS TENS Unit, Electronic Pulse Massager for Pain Relief Review

Product: TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager  


Intensity Levels: 20

Electrodes: 2

FDA Cleared: Yes


What are the Benefits of Using the DOMAS TENS Unit?

This product works by sending electronic pulses through the skin to your nervous system, consequently, blocking the brain’s response to pain to provide pain relief. It is designed to keep your muscles, joints or any other body part from receiving pain by sending constant impulses.

It utilizes the gate control theory of pain. It dictates that painless sensations close the gates of pain input. As a result, pain does not enter the nervous system. It also helps stimulate the brain to release its own healing in the long run. This is a simple explanation to help us understand how this product works and why it is useful. Because it has numerous benefits, let us look into some of them.

  • Natural Pain Relief

If you are experiencing lower back pain, neck or shoulder aches this unit will tremendously help you alleviate your pain. When you use this TENS Unit, it triggers your body to release and distribute endorphins in your nervous system. This hormone is the body’s natural way of fighting pain and stress. You will notice a gradual release from pain that nags and keeps you from regular duties with continuous use of this unit.

  • Massage Effects

As you use the pulse massager just as the name suggests, there are benefits associated with the unit giving massage effects. This outcome is because the electric pulses simulate the action of a massage. Your body relaxes in parts experiencing tension and stiffness helping your skin to breathe. The relaxation is brought about when you set the intensity of the massager to the level which causes your body to respond to the impulse as a normal massage could.

  • Heal the Nerves

If you experience constant pain, the chances are that in the long run, your nervous system may break down because of too much pain which it may not always respond to well. You may hurt yourself even more if your body cannot perceive pain.This TENS unit will help heal the nerves so that further damage is reversed, protecting you from future danger. This condition is usually known as a pinched nerve which may result in either your body’s lack of pain sensation or increased bursts of pain felt on the skin surface

  • Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

Pain may lie deep in the tissue like the sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  It is associated with lower back through injuries which cause it to swell immensely.  This TENS Unit helps the body to start healing itself from the inside out. This way, you may forego a back or spinal surgery that may have been due in a few weeks.

What Conditions Will the DOMAS TENS Unit manage?

It is particularly helpful for managing musculoskeletal pain which includes pain caused by injury to the muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, nerves and joints. The causes for which include normal day activities like spending a long time sitting, exercise pain, dislocations, or more serious causes like accidents. In short, if you have arthritis, lower back, neck, shoulder pain, knee aches and many others, your condition can be managed using the DOMAS TENS Unit.

Also, it can help relief menstrual cramps, migraines, and other conditions like anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep.

Always consult your doctor before using a TENS unit.

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Design and Working of the DOMAS TENS Unit

This device is a phone sized machine which is battery-operated. It connects to a pair of electrode pads using electrode connecting cables. This set comes with two pairs of pads and two cables. The controller has a large LCD blue backlit screen to help you pick out the mode of massage and intensity level even in poorly lit rooms. The buttons are clearly labeled such that it easy to operate it even by touch. It also has two independent outputs where each cable goes.

You get to choose from six massage programs with 24sub modes so that you can fully customize your type of relief. The intensity levels are also impressive because you choose from 20 levels, meaning you can use it to gain relief from severe pain or just relax. Each session lasts 10-60 minutes with a provision of changing the timer.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery to enable multiple uses without replacement. It is, therefore, more affordable than having to own a cheap model without a reusable battery. It also comes with a USB charger for inputting the power into it.

Who Should Use This TENS Unit?

If you are tired of hunching in pain every day, this product is for you. Any injury that has left you in pain should be overcome by regular use of this pulse massager. The benefits are endless for you whose evenings are filled with muscle aches and headaches from long working hours. You’ll want to use this pad during the onset of labor when your baby is almost home. It will relieve you the anxiety and tension associated with last minutes before birthing a child. The sole purpose of this unit is to help you come out stronger from pain afflictions. You need not worry about the legality of this product because it is FDA approved.

Who may not use this unit?

If you have a heart pacemaker, it’s unfortunate you will have to look elsewhere for pain management. If you also have any other type of metal in your body, it is advisable not to use the TENS massager. Persons with other heart problems should talk to their doctors about this alternative method of pain relief. Other individuals who may be at risk are early stages of pregnancy and epileptics.

Customer Support and Warranty

Shenzen L-DOMAS Ltd. is a respected international trading company all over the world. Its great customer support is through prompt response to customer queries within 72hours of receiving queries. For this TENS Unit, they have a consumer’s manual and a guarantee.

Final Thoughts of the Domas TENS Unit

It is great to know that there’s a simple and affordable way to get your life back. This Domas TENS pulse massager will prove more than useful in helping you live a fulfilled life. Remember always to ask a doctor when you are looking to explore other ways of pain management. Even though this unit showcases safety in usage, it is important that you do not use it for the wrong reasons.

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