best massage chair for moneyThere are many different kinds of back pain, some due to injuries some due to your body acting upon you. You might have lower back pain or upper back and shoulder pain… If it’s severe consult your doctor. It’s also good to talk to your doctor about using different kinds of treatment like massage therapy or a massage chair.

If you use massage therapy as one of your back relief treatments, then using a massage chair can be a great addition. With today’s massage chair technologies many claims to deliver a massage therapy like experience. The massage chairs today are comfortable, adjustable and customizable to give you the best relaxing experience as possible.

The big question is… Do Massage Chairs Help Back Pain? 

3 Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

There are many different benefits of using a massage chair, we’ll talk about 3 major ones here.

1. Improve flexibility and decrease tension

Most of us will at some point in our lives get tight muscles in our back that will lead to tension and ache. This can be caused by an injury such as a sprain and lead to tension and even muscle spasm in your back. A massage chair can help improve flexibility and decrease back muscle tension. This can lead to pain relief, better sleep and better healing in general.

2. Increase blood flow

Some back pain is due to poor circulation and blood flow. Using a massage chair will help increase blood flow in your back and achy area. Just imagine the massage rollers working gently on your back, getting the blood flowing again.

Increased blood flow helps with quicker healing and better nutrition flow. Good circulation is necessary for healthy recovery.

3. Increase endorphins

Using a massage chair does not only feel good, it actually set off a chemical reaction in your body. After about twenty minutes in a massage chair, your endorphins will increase.  This will help you feel relaxed and give you that overall “good feel” feeling. This can put you in a better mood and reduce stress and anxiety. This will benefit you dealing with your painful back.

There are clearly benefits to using a massage chair, but what kind of massage chair should you be looking for? It’s a jungle out there with different kinds of chairs that deliver all kinds of massages….

  • Swedish massage – using longer strokes
  • Shiatsu massage – using pressure point massage
  • Airbags for pressure/squeeze massage

These are just a few examples. A lot of the massage chairs will offer different combinations and often both Swedish and shiatsu massage.

Depending on your back issue, both of these can benefit you. The Swedish massage will use the longer rolling massage and kneading, this is effective and relaxing. The shiatsu massage will be more of a trigger point massage to loosen up muscle knots in specific areas. This can be a little uncomfortable but help your muscles loosen up and relax.



Massage Therapist vs. Massage Chairs

The truth is that going to a massage therapist add up. Don’t get me wrong, it is relaxing and beneficial in many ways but it can get expensive in the long run. Paying around $80 including tip for a 1-hour massage is not uncommon. Doing this a few times a week adds up. Getting a massage chair could help reduce the times you go to see your therapist.

I don’t recommend giving up going to your massage therapist, but why not combine the two.

Another benefit is that you have your treatment available to you right there from the comfort of your own home. 24-7 when you need a massage, it’s available to you.


Do Massage Chairs Help Back Pain?

With the three benefits of improved flexibility, increased blood flow/circulation and increased endorphins I would say to give it a shot.

We review the top massage chairs here, go take a look at them so that you can better decide what’s the right choice for you and your back pain needs.