neck and shoulder pain reliefIt doesn’t take much to get neck pain, right side of your body.  Straining at the computer, twisting your neck while reading, or injuring your neck during sports can cause pain in the neck that causes pain and limits your ability to move your neck from side to side.

First Treatments Ice

Soon after an injury or when you first notice you’ve got neck pain, you need to get out an ice pack.  This can be a purchased ice pack straight from the freezer or a bag of frozen vegetables, like peas.

These can form fit around the right side of your neck and can reduce the inflammation and swelling of the affected area.  It can shorten the time you are laid up with your neck pain as well.

Be sure to put a cloth between the ice pack and your skin so you don’t frostbite your skin.

The ice pack should ideally be placed upon the neck for thirty minutes at a time with a thirty minute break before the ice pack is applied to the skin again.

During this time, you can gently do range of motion of your neck to reduce stiffening of the muscles and lessen the neck pain, right side, you are feeling.  The ice pack treatments should be continued for 24-48 hours.

Using Heat

Heat can be applied to the right side of the neck after the first 24 hours.  Heat has a special effect on the stiff muscles of the neck.  Heat, especially when applied to the area using a deep form of heat relief called far infrared ray (FIR) heat, can get deeply into the muscles, relieving pain and spasm.

Far infrared ray heat can be gotten by using a jade infrared heating mat you can buy at the pharmacy or online.

A jade infrared heating mat can be expensive but if you are prone to neck pain, it is a good investment.

Apply heat at a comfortably warm temperature for thirty minutes at a time, giving the neck a chance to cool down for thirty minutes before applying the heat again.  If you are using a heating pad, do not set it on high and use a cloth between the heat source and the skin.  This helps prevent burns to your neck.

Heat can be applied alternating with ice until the pain is resolved.  Keep doing range of motion exercises in order to keep the neck from becoming stiff.

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Using Medication

The best pain and inflammation relief comes from using medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.  These include medications like naproxen, which is marketed as Naprosyn and Anaprox.

You can also use ibuprofen, which is marketed as Advil and Motrin.  These are far better for neck pain relief than acetaminophen or Tylenol, which only acts as a pain reliever but does nothing for the inflammation involved in an injury.

Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of medicine.

Overall Treatment of Neck Pain, Right Side

If you have done all of the above treatments, your neck pain should be better.  If it is not better, consider seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist to further manage the pain you are experiencing.