The Casada Quattromed III with Jade stone and heating is a padded seat area and back support product that is manufactured in order to give you relief from minor aches and pains, as well as provide stress- relief in the form of heat and gentle massage.  Further reading of this review will inform you of its benefits and features, providing you insight into whether this product is right for you.


Casada Quattromed III with Jade Stone and Heating Review

From: Casada 

Size: 31 x 7 x 20 inches

Type of massage: shiatsu and rolling massage, vibration in the seat is also included

3 Key Fetures:

  • shiatsu/rolling massage
  • jade stone
  • portable


Benefits of the Quattromed III

Promotes relaxation – Whether you are suffering from back pain or simply want to enjoy the soothing relaxation that heat and massage provide, this product is able to offer great satisfaction.

Gives a lifelike massage – The massage heads, made of Jade stones, act as and mimic real hands, potentially making you feel as though you are in the masseuse’s chair.  The kneading motion will massage your muscles and bring great comfort, relaxation, and stress-relief, allowing you to re-energize and feel refreshed.

Offers the healing powers of Jade – Jade aids in detoxification by increasing the body’s cleansing systems.  Through detoxification,  the immune system is positively affected.  An increased immune system will keep you healthy and better able to fight off any symptoms that may leave you feeling unwell and unfit to get through the day.

Stress may lower the body’s defenses, making you sick and unable to function to your full capacity as you regularly would.  Using the Jade stones as therapy will assist in countering the negative effects brought on by stress and fatigued muscles and allow you to carry on as usual and tend to any responsibilities you may have.

Jade stones emit far infrared heat.  This heat therapy is effective in healing and soothing the body and mind, as well as helping to detoxify the body.  This heat is able to penetrate the outer layers of the body, getting into and aiding the covered muscles and tissue, even penetrating down into the bone, alleviating pain and allowing for maximum relief.  This heat therapy also increases blood flow, thereby improving function of all of the body’s major organs, keeping you well and fit for duty.  Additionally, it can also aide in increasing metabolism by breaking down fat and waste that is trapped, again, helping you feel healthy and up to anything that life throws at you.

Offers relief from tension and muscle tightness – The heating function and vibrating seat will, along with the massage in the back support, ensure that you enjoy the time during the massage and walk away with less tension in your upper body, as well as reduced muscle tightness.

How to Use the Casada Quattromed III Seat

To use this massage seat, simply remove from the packaging and place in your favorite chair.  For your convenience, it can also be used in a car, truck, RV, or boat seat using the included adapter, allowing for portability and comfort in all settings.

Using the remote control, you may adjust the heat and massage functions in the back support to your liking to ensure maximum comfort and relief.  The vibrating seat cushion with far infrared heating can be used along with the back support for premium enjoyment.  The heat and pain-alleviating massage can be utilized and appreciated for as long as you wish.



  • It is versatile, with the ability to be used in your preferred chair or during travel in a car, truck, RV, or boat with the included adapter.
  • The included remote control allows you to control the heat and massage type (2-speed Shiatsu and rolling massage with Jade massage heads).
  • The user is able to select the areas to be concentrated on (lumbar, upper back, or neck area).
  • Vibration in the seat area, as well as a heat function, is included.
  • The Jade massage heads feel like hands, making for a comfortable kneading massage.
  • The product dimensions are 31 x 7 x 20 inches, with a shipping weight of 15.5 pounds:


What Does this Massage Jade Seat Help with?

This massaging support and accompanying seat area assists in the reduction of tight muscles and minor aches and pains through the use of heat and massage.  Convenient and easy to use, it provides relaxation and general or isolated massage therapy that will provide a reprieve from the tension and strain that causes soreness and discomfort.  Additionally, the heat from the Jade stones will assist in speeding up metabolism, increasing immune health, and increasing blood flow to support health and wellness.


Who Is This Casada Seat For?

The Casada Quattromed III with Jade stone and heating is intended to assist any user in need of satisfying massage therapy that will alleviate minor aches and pains in the back and neck areas.  It will benefit those who are affected by everyday stress that causes neck and back tension and who are in need or desire maximum and expedited relief from symptoms that cause discomfort.

Because of the healing powers of the Jade stones, this product can also be used as a way to assist in increasing metabolism, increasing immune health, and increasing blood flow that keeps the body’s major organs healthy.  Additionally, though, this product can be used by anyone eager or inclined to pamper themselves with heat and massage therapy.


Support and Warranty

For customer support and warranty information, the consumer may contact the manufacturer directly, Casada Healthcare, at or by calling +49 (0) 5254-930 98 0 or +49 (0) 5254-930 98 30.

2 year replacement warranty.


Final Thoughts of The Casada Quattromed III with Jade stone and Heating

Whether you are suffering from discomfort in the back and neck areas and are seeking relief from aches and pains, looking for another way to increase your immune system as a way  to increase health and wellness, or are simply looking for a way to pamper yourself with relaxing heat and massage, the Casada Quattromed III with Jade stone and heatingmay be an investment worth considering.  In reviewing reviews, one user expressed dissatisfaction saying that it stopped working after the first 30 minutes of use.  However, many others who have bought and reviewed the product praised it as providing great relief of sore muscles and a must for anyone in need of exceptional relaxation support.