Getting over a back surgery isn’t easy and if you need some support for your back while you recover the MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt may be worth looking into.

It is also made to decompress the spine, so if you suffer from problems like sciatica it may be just the thing to help you feel more comfortable. Take a look at what it can and can’t do for you, and decide if this decompression brace is the help you need for your back.

MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt Review

From: Cybertech Medical

Model: MAC Plus Lumbar Decompression Back Brace

Color: Black

Benefits of the MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt

If you suffer from low back pain and want to get relief from your symptoms, many people find that decompression braces can offer support and a reduction in discomfort. Having to struggle just to be able to move normally is not anyway to go through life, and there are options available to you.

By providing vertical pressure, the MAC Plus Decompression Back Brace gives your spine the ability to open up, and can alleviate some of your most painful symptoms. A brace like this can be worn anywhere, and will also give your lumbar region support where you need it most.

Sciatica or a herniated disc can really make it hard to achieve the mobility that lets you enjoy life, and as we get older many people experience pain in the lumber region. A brace can get you feeling good again, let you keep up with the rest of your family, and even pick-up your grand-kids.

What Does the Back Brace Help With?

This product can help you with many different conditions that cause low back pain. Because of its rigid panel it offers you more support than normal fabric braces, and can also be part of a recovery program as advised by your doctor.

If you suffer from:

• herniated discs
• sciatica
• spine compression fractures
• spondylolisthesis
• facet syndrome
• spinal stenosis

The MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt may be able to help you alleviate your symptoms and feel better. It can also help with certain kinds of muscular degeneration in the lumbar region.

If you find that you are sore or achy by the end of the day, spinal decompression can offer you a lot of relief. By opening up the spaces between the vertebra, your muscles will have a more natural form and your spine won’t be under such pressure.

When your spine is allowed to decompress, this brace will also permit your blood to circulate into areas that were cut off because of the pressure. This can help your body to feel better, and lessen your painful symptoms.

How to Use the MAC Lumbar Support Back Brace

This lumbar brace is easy to use, you put it on by securing the brace in front of your body using a single velcro closure.

You can then use the single pull handle to adjust the level of compression that this lumbar support gives. This handle connects to the MAC Plus’s unique pulley system that controls the distance between the two sides of the brace in the back.

In addition to the strong material that will support your lumbar region, this brace has a rigid panel to give your spine even more relief. This panel can be adjusted vertically, or removed depending on your needs.

Features of the MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace

This lumbar brace is extremely easy to adjust, and was built with a pulley system so that you can compress the support as needed.

There is also an adjustable and removable rigid panel for your spine. It is made from a strong synthetic material, and closes securely in the front of the brace.


Who Is This Support Brace for?

Anyone who is suffering from low back pain may be able to benefit from spinal decompression. If you have problems with a herniated disc or mild forms of sciatica, this brace may be able to offer you a lot of relief.

For many people who have active jobs, spinal decompression and lumbar support can alliterative the soreness that you feel after working all day.

By removing the pressure from your vertebra, you will feel less pain, and be able to relax. This brace can also help people who have problems with muscular degeneration in the lower back; the rigid panel will give them support and help the body to maintain the correct form.

For people who are recovering from certain kinds of back operations, your doctor may recommend a brace like this to aid in the healing process. Be sure to talk to your doctor before deciding to use any kind of support if you are recovering from an operation.

For older people who don’t have the strength in their back that they once did, this brace can help you stay active, and not have to worry about moving in a way that could do more damage to your low back or torso.

Who should not buy it

If you have severe back pain, talk to your doctor before using any kind of brace.

For many kinds of back surgeries, your doctor will have a specific brace in mind for you or may recommend that you not use a support.

If you have a severe back injury, or if you continue to have painful symptoms after using a brace, talk to your doctor immediately.

For most people there is no danger in using a support for spinal support and decompression.

Customer Support and Warranty

This product is covered by Amazon’s purchase protection program.


Final thoughts of the MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt

If you want to get some relief from your aching back, spinal decompression can really help you to feel better. This brace is well made and easy to use, will help you to get the pressure off your vertebra, and may alleviate the symptoms that a compressed spine causes.

The MAC Plus Lumbar Spine Decompression Back Brace & Surgery Recovery Belt is a stronger option than most lumbar supports, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you have a known back disorder. If you want an easy way to have spinal decompression anywhere you go, this is a great way to get it.