Sometimes it’s more than just a pain in the neck to have a pain in the neck. It aches, and it seems like nothing can make it go away.

No matter how you sit, stand, or lay, it won’t ease up.

There is something that can help relieve your neck pain that you may not have considered before. Did you know that 78% of Americans sleep on a pillow that causes more damage than good? That’s an amazing number!

Something as simple as sleeping with the right pillow can help relieve your neck pain.

The neck is where many of your nerves and tendons funnel. When something is wrong or not in alignment, it can cause nerves to be pinched, or damaged. Not only will these nerves send pain messages to your brain, but they can cause numbness, tingling, and a whole host of other problems to different parts of the body. Using pillows for neck pain is one of the leading suggestions from professional Chiropractors.

Pillow with Perfect Balance, Support and Comfort

Let’s explain; Take a body standing in an upright, straight stance, arms against the sides and feet together. Now, take that body and draw a line from the side of the head (at the ear) and go straight down to the ground. Now, draw a straight line from the shoulder to the ground and at the top draw it to go above the top of the head.

You would see that the inner line does not touch the body at some places and overlaps it at others. If you were to turn the body on its side (as if lying down) the space at the head between the outer line and the inner line is the void that needs filled by a pillow to keep the head, neck, and spine in perfect alignment.

Hard and stiff pillows can hold your head up, but they hold it from the side of your head, which leaves the bend in your neck at odd angles. Pillows that are too soft can give in to the weight of your head and offer no support for the correct alignment. You want to find a pillow that can give you the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Relieve Neck Pain

Sleeping with the right pillow at night can help relieve the neck pain that you suffer from during the day. Stress that is built up all day can cause neck muscles to tense and knot. Not only is this painful, but because the tensed muscles on one side is pulling at the spine, the other side will tier from overcompensating to realign the neck, causing even more pain.

There are pillows for neck pain that come in many sizes and shapes. Most of which can be readily found on the market. Make sure that you find one that can conform and support your head and neck where you need it most, and you may be surprised at how much relief you gain from your neck pain.

How Do You Sleep?

There are a few things you need to consider before getting your perfect pillow. Do you sleep on your back, your side or on your stomach? If you sleep on your stomach you will need a thinner pillow for best comfort than when sleeping on the side for example.


What stuffing do you prefer? Some stuffing are cotton/wool, down/feather and latex. If you have neck problems you might want to take a closer look at the memory foam pillows. They give good support and the S shaped memory foam pillows are popular if you have neck problems.

So YES the right pillow can help your neck pain.

What`s your tips for reliving neck pain? Feel free to share below,