A hand held back massager can for sure help you save some money by not going as often as usual to your massage therapist, but to the question…

Can a Hand Held Back Massager Replace Your Massage Therapist?

We’ll get to that.

But first…

What Is a Hand Held Back Massager?

It’s a tool to help you reach and massage those tricky hard to reach areas of your back. You can use a back massager to reach back and massage areas of your back all by yourself, no need for an extra set of hands.

There are many different options when it comes to back massagers. The main categories are electric battery driven ones and old fashion plain and simple tools to help you reach those tricky parts.


What Can a Hand Held Back Massager Help With?

  • Get to those hard to reach areas of your back and other body parts
  • Relieve muscle knots
  • Relieve muscle tension and spasms
  • Relieve aches and pains in specific areas of your body
  • Increase blood flow
  • Treat and relax specific muscles


Electric Hand Held Back Massager

There are two versions of electric hand held back massagers. The ones where you can use one hand to reach back and let the massage tool do the job. Or the massager that goes around your back and you hold it by sliding your arms through two handles.

If you are looking for relaxation the two strap version is a better option, it will allow you to enjoy the massage in a better way than the one hand option. Most of these also come with a heat option which add to the relaxing experience.

This back massager from NekTeck comes with 8 massage heads, that allows for deep kneading shiatsu massage. It comes with 3 different speed options and added heat if you prefer that.

Now if you have a specific knot in your back the one hand option might be better because you can really get in there and knead that knot. These hand held massagers can also be used for other parts of your body, your neck, feet and legs for example.

This is a lightweight, cordless and rechargeable massager with variable speeds. It comes with 6 different massage heads and you can custom the firmness and style of your massage.


Old Fashion Hand Held Back Massager

There’s also the old fashion non electric versions. These are great if you are looking for specific trigger points to really put pressure on. No need to charge it or plug it in, just bring it out and enjoy… or treat.

This massagercomes with 11 therapy knobs. It’s light weight and can be used not only on your back but on other areas of your body as well.


I wouldn’t go to the extreme and suggest that you give up your weekly or monthly massage therapy sessions. But a hand held back massager can really help you massage those sore spots not only on your back but also other sore areas of your body.

It’s also a good option if you can’t afford the weekly or monthly therapy session. For a one time fee of a massage therapist you will have one of these hand held back massager available at all times.

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