Knee pain happens to most of us at some point in life. It may be due to an active lifestyle, or we are hitting our senior years. Either way, it can cause us so much pain that getting the life we want seems far-fetched. If you are undergoing any knee pain, you may feel you’d like to easily manage the pain instead of paying several visits to the doctor for the same treatment. You can wrap it up and watch the discomfort gently settle. Now you can go on with life as you would normally because nothing is keeping you back.

Here, we look at the BioSkin Wrap-Around Knee Support Brace as a means to manage the persistent pain in our knees. It conforms to the knee shape and gives support so that you can still carry on with daily tasks like driving your car or riding your bike. This capability is because it allows for full extending and flexing and as you heal; your knee retains its full functionality. Its primary purpose is to support you so that the healing process is smooth and reduced.


BioSkin Hinged Knee Brace Review

Product: Wrap-Around Breathable Lightweight Hinged Knee Brace  

Make: BioSkin

Front Closure: Yes

Color: Black

What are some of the Benefits that you stand to gain in using this BioSkin Hinged Knee Brace?

Knee support wraps are designed to either prevent or stabilize the knee joint in case of an injury. They have been used by athletes to keep the joint fully functional when engaging in sports that leave the knee exposed when in play. This measure is precautionary, seeing that the knee is the body’s prime support of our weight.

In case you fall when running or just tripped, the knee is the part that gets the impact as you hit the ground. For this reason, you’ll find that this brace will afford you comfort as you get your knee working again. The benefits of this brace are unlimited. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Support

When a knee injury is due to sports, you’ll need this brace for strength, if you plan on getting back into the field very soon. The support it gives you is such that you can relieve your body weight on the knee without hurting it further. This BioSkin hinged knee brace takes up some of the pressure, and you can perform some light activities when you insist on being in the field. A bit of advice, though; always get a full recovery before embarking on full active sports. Pain is good, but too much can be damaging.

  • Flexibility

You still need to maintain your independence with a knee injury. That is where the BioSkin brace comes in. When you have it on; your full range of motion is not affected. You can still move around in your home, drive yourself and even carry the grocery back to your house.  When you want to reduce the occurrence of knee injuries, you can still wear this brace as it becomes a shock absorber just before you go down.

  • Fast Recovery

If your knee is flexible, it means that the blood circulation is not cut, there’s flow of rich oxygen blood to the injured part, and the process of healing jump starts. The knee becomes stable, and over-exertion is prevented so that you can retain the healing process. It protects you from the vulnerability of further injury since if you have even a minor affliction, the chances of you hurting again increase significantly.

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What Conditions Will the BioSkin Help?

The best use of this brace is for Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) sprains and tears. Other contusions include Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL), Meniscus tears and Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Sprains. It reduces the swelling brought about by this contusions due to the compression it affords the knee.

If you still need to be active in your senior years but your knees are becoming a little problematic you probably need this knee brace. It helps rehabilitate the knees after an osteoarthritis surgery. It has shown to allow the ligaments to heal after surgery due to the reinforcement it adds. The bone is kept in place adding strength so that you can make a full recovery.

The BioSkin Wrap; Features and Performance

This distinct knee brace has a comfortable wrap-around design that keeps the knee area open. You can make quick adjustments using the strapping system that allows you to customize your fit. The patellar ring aids in helping you find your best fit. You’ll love how firm and sturdy it feels as the material is non-slip. It retains its form and can withstand abuse for quite some time. It makes for a durable brace that will last a while in good condition.

When it comes to the frame that makes it, BioSkin uses soft skin material that is light weight. You’ll notice how functional the knee remains because it does not weigh you down. It is also breathable, meaning you will feel cool during sweaty sessions as it allows air to circulate between your skin and the wrap freely. The offset hinge keeps the knee stable and is responsible for relieving any excess pressure you may have.

The BioSkin hinged knee brace, also features a micro-fleece lining with a construction from environment-friendly elements. It has no latex or neoprene. So if you tend to get allergies from these components, this knee wrap proves reliable in meeting your specific requirements. Maintaining the brace is quick and facile since the fleece is stain proof, you can just hand wash it.

Who Should Use This Knee Brace?

If you have an injured or painful knee, this is for you.  The benefits go far and beyond in helping you manage pain on the path to a full recovery. If you have also undergone knee surgery, we believe this is the brace for you. You’ll want to still function properly after the surgery, maintaining your strength and flexibility. Also, if you are first getting in weight lifting, don’t pass on this knee support. It proves crucial for distributing the weight evenly on your knees for more strength.

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Who should not use this knee brace?

There are impressive gains from this brace, but some may find that this is not what they are looking for. You do not want to use this wrap if your knee is generally weak. It does not add strength for permanent use. So if you want to have your knee fully functional, it is better to rehabilitate it before opting for this brace.

If you have a serious condition, like a dislocation, this wrap is also not for you. The reason is that this brace does not restrict motion so it may cause you more damage moving the kneecap when it is supposed to be immobile. You’ll want to consider a restrictive brace for healing.

Customer Support and Warranty

BioSkin is known for its brilliant customer relationship. It offers a guarantee against defects and performance for 90-days. The return policy is also clear for exchanging the product due to an issue in size.  They also give a full refund for returns within 90-days of products that are unused and in excellent condition. They offer online support at their website where you can have your questions answered. For more about the return policy, visit Bioskin.

Final Words of the BioSkin Hinged Knee Brace

The knee joint is a very useful part in our bodies. Using a brace will support it during the period of healing. You should, however, remember that a knee brace is not a replacement for proper technique and exercise. Taking great care of your body will help you bounce back to the field. A knee injury is not a long-term threat. Make the best out of this brace for preventing and managing pain.