Are you suffering from a sore back? Do you feel worn out from the moment you rise, and it gets bad as you go through your day? Back pain can become unbearable especially when it’s due to an underlying issue. If you are experiencing back pain from injury, sciatica piriformis syndrome or are generally suffering from some kind of back strain, you may want to forego the regular pain killers which may have the long-term effect of dependency on the drugs for pain relief.

The BFST (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy) Back Wrap provides an easy solution to support your back and manage your pain, so that you can start living your life the way you are supposed to. It provides temporary pain relief for an extended period of time. With regular use, you have the potential of losing the pain altogether. It takes the shape of your back to compress it and transmit invisible electromagnetic energy (EMR). The stimulated blood flow now initiates the healing process.

BFST Back Wrap Review

Company: BFST  

Model: Back Wrap

Purpose: Blood flow stimulation treatment for better deep healing

Best for: Back and Hip treatment


What are the Benefits that lay in Using this Back Wrap?

Back wraps are inexpensive methods for managing back pain. They are designed to stabilize the spinal cord so that it stops compensating over exertion from heavy duty tasks.  They act like braces to limit the movement of the spine to prevent further injury. If you have undergone back surgery, a back wrap comes in handy to avoid overexertion while lifting demand places on your back. They also help rehabilitate the back from a sports injury by relieving the stress that comes with recovery. There are endless benefits that go with this back wrap. Lets’ delve further into the specifics.

  • Stabilizer

This back wrap works by slightly compressing the back into a snug fit. Your back is then supported in a way that it conforms to the path of the spine so that it takes its natural shape. When you have an injury, the spine must work to protect the injured area and as such your back may take a different angle. With this brace, the spine stabilizes so that as you heal, you won’t have a problem when maintaining a proper posture.

  • Speeds up the healing process

The snug fit from this BFST Back Wrap makes your body warm. The heat created no matter how small, together with the EMF is crucial for increasing the blood circulation. An increase in blood flow is the first sign in initiating the healing process. More blood flow means more nutrients are delivered to the injured part. If you are experiencing pain due to injury, you will need it to have a speedy recovery. It will support the weak muscle to prevent further injury. BFST Back Wrap

  • Strengthen the muscles

When you are experiencing pain in your back, the muscles act fast to protect that area. It means they are using up their energy on that injured area, weakening themselves in the process. This wrap works at best to support your spine so that your muscles can stretch and relax. This way, they can recover and gain strength. They also increase their elasticity which protects your back from other injuries.

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What Conditions Will the BFST Back Wrap Help?

For maximum healing, use it if you have been diagnosed with sciatica where the injury causes a painful condition to the lumbar spine. This wrap will support the lower back to initiate healing to that area.

Piriformis Syndrome is another painful occurrence arising from the injury to the sciatic nerve which is usually located at the buttocks. This pain reflects at the back of your hip or leg causing pain followed by a numbing sensation. When going through the healing process, use this brace on your buttocks to prevent over exertion and trigger speedy healing. General back pain and strains will this back wrap also help with.

The BFST back wrap is also useful for injuries on the hips. If you have a sports injury that causes you immobility on the hip, it will serve to strengthen the muscle extensors.  It provides support to the hip joint plus the bones in the thigh and hip area. It will prevent further injury and restore your joints so that you can go back to the field as soon as possible.

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BFST Back Wrap; Design and Functionality

Size – This back wrap has unique features focused on benefiting your back. It is designed to fit waists between 22-54 inches, so it is a size that nearly fits all.

Velcro straps – One can customize the wrap through the Velcro straps to get their exact fit whether on their back or the hip.

Material – The material that makes it is neoprene which has a soft feel to afford you comfort when you adorn it. This fabric is admirable in giving you a comfy fit that does not slide from the area of placement. It also ensures that you can use this wrap for a decent period.

Increase blood circulation and blood flow – It comes with an energy web whose primary role is to increase the blood circulation. It is responsible for jump starting the healing process for recovery. Increased blood flow helps restore damaged tissue through the delivery of more nutrients and oxygen. It is recommended that you use it for a maximum of four times a day for twenty minutes to receive the healing benefits.

The controller – BFST Back Wrap comes with a 3-level power controller and an adapter. When you plug it in, it begins the transmission, and you can control the intensity using this power control.

Who Should Consider this Back Wrap?

If you have recently been to a back surgeon; rehabilitate your back with this wrap. It will strengthen the spine and the muscles so that you can go back to where you were before the injury. If you also experience pain due to poor posture, you should invest in this wrap so that you can correct it. A bad posture is not only bad for your back, but it also makes it vulnerable to injuries. When you have an active lifestyle say in sports, you will receive the benefits that come with this wrap. It will help you get back on the field fast enough.

Always consult your doctor before using any medical device.

Who should not use the BFST Back Wrap?

Most people can use it but consult your doctor first. However, it’s not to be used within the first 48 hours of injury. This is because your body may still be having some bleeding which may not be detected when you start using the wrap immediately.

If you are looking for a heated wrap, this brace is also not for you. You cannot stimulate any kind of heat like electric or natural stone heat. So if you are looking to get heat therapy, it does not fulfill that purpose.

Customer support and Warranty

At BFST they value their customers, that’s why they have a detailed instructions manual. They also have advisors who can guide you in developing a healing program to track your progress.

Final Thoughts on the BFST Back Wrap

An BFST back wrap might just be your best shot for constant lower back pain. It proves reliable in not only recovery but also preventing injury. However, you should be careful not to develop over-reliance on this back wrap. Your body should grow stronger, not weaker so if you feel you are unable to let go of your brace; it is time to seek other professional help for rehabilitation. Take advantage of the BFST technology to get maximum results.

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