NewBasicSwatchesWhat are the most sold pain relief products for January 2018?

To suffer from pain and aches are stressful, you feel uncomfortable and it can really effect you in a negative way. I’m sorry you have to go through all that. Here we try to find pain relief solutions that works. Solutions that users find helpful.

In this post we take a closer look at the best sellers not only here at but also at the number 1 online sales site…

The categories we dive into are the following:

  • joint and muscle pain relief
  • large heating pads
  • neck and shoulder wraps
  • infrared heating pads
  • electric massagers
  • massage table warmers
  • body pillows
  • TENS units
  • cold therapy

Why these categories? These are great products providing pain relief that’s the main reason. Also these are the categories that we provide information and reviews on, at this point.

The great thing with these products is when I write this most of them are on sale.

We want to help YOU find ways to ease your pain! If we can do it with a sales tag… even better.

Let’s dive in…

Best Seller Pain Relief Products January 2018

#1 Best Seller in Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

This is the number 1 best seller in all categories when it comes to pain relief. If you have joint and muscle ache, this product is worth taking a closer look at it.


#1 Best Seller in Large Heating Pads

This is a great heating pad that’s been holding the number 1 position for months now. This is not only the best seller in large heating pad but overall in the hot and cold therapy category.

If you want to know more about this Sunbeam XpressHeat heating pad, feel free to read our review.

We also review the top 10 heating pads, right here.


Infrared Heating Pad with Jade Stones

The heating pad with jade and other natural stones comes with many health benefits. This is a great jade mat from UTK.

We review the top 5 jade mats, here.


Heat Patches and Wraps Best Seller

This one actually surprised me a little. There are so many great neck and shoulder pads, electric ones and infrared heat ones, but this microwavable one took the best seller spot.

Carex Bed Buddy, Body Wrap
List Price:$27.59
You Save:$13.83
Price Disclaimer


#1 Best Seller in Electric Massagers

If you have back pain, this might be the tool to help you ease it. Heated massage in hard to get areas of your body.


Massage Table Warmer Best Seller

This fleece warmer for your massage table will keep your clients warm and happy.


#1 Best Seller Body Pillow

Body pillows can be a great way to support your body while you sleep. With better support comes better sleep. A body pillow is not just for pregnant ladies this is a great way to support your back and line up your spine. This is the number one best seller in body pillows for January 2016.


Best TENS Unit Number 1 Muscle Stimulator

This is a great device for muscle and pain management.

If you want more info on this product, read our review.

Best Seller of the Cold Therapy Section

I know it’s January and cold in some places but let’s look at the best seller of the cold therapy section.


#1 Reclining Shiatsu Massage Chair

What better way to ease the pain than to get a massage and some heat at the same time… this is home luxury at its best.


Hope you enjoyed our best seller pain relief product list for January 2016. Please let us know if we left out any categories that you would have liked to see, and we will take a look at it for next month’s list. Don’t miss the February best seller list,