neck and shoulder pain reliefIf you have tension in any of your muscles, particularly in the neck, back, and shoulders, you need a device that can provide the best natural muscle relaxer features.

The neck and shoulders are particularly hard to fit a heating pad on because it is only in a rectangular shape but there are devices out there that can relax the muscles that are form fitting to the neck and shoulder area.

Form Fitting Natural Muscle Relaxer

Online you can find several devices that are perfect for relaxing the muscles of the neck and shoulders.  They come in different sizes for differently sized people.  You just need to purchase the muscle relaxer that fits your particular size.

They wrap neatly around the neck and shoulders and plug into the wall.

What you need to do is plug it in and put the device around your neck and shoulders.  Set the heat to the temperature that is the most comfortable for you and lie down on a couch or relax in a comfortable chair.  The heat soaks into the muscles and increases the circulation of the muscles, thereby relieving the tension in the affected area.

Some of these devices come with a massage feature that can be set to different massage settings.  If you set the massaging part of the device along with the heating part of the device, you can have double the effect on the muscles.  The massager relaxes the muscles and the heat takes the spasm out of the muscles.

Muscle Relaxation using Far Infrared Ray Heating Devices

You can also purchase heating pads that provide far infrared ray heat. This is usually accomplished by having jade discs imbedded into the device. The jade discs can be set to any temperature and, when plugged into an outlet, soak up the electrical heat and turn it into far infrared ray heat.

The advantage of using a device with far infrared ray heat is that this type of heat goes into the deeper muscles, providing for a deeper level of natural relaxation of the muscles.  These devices are more expensive than electrical heating pads but, for people who have chronically sore muscles that are too deep to be reached by regular heating sources, these devices are worth the expense.

They come in plain rectangular heating pads with imbedded jade discs and there are those that are form fitting to your neck and shoulder muscles.  If most of your pain is located in the neck and shoulders, it pays to buy a pad that fits directly on the neck and shoulder area.  This provides heat and muscle relaxation to both of the shoulders at once so you won’t have to switch over from one side of the shoulder to the other.

If you need relaxation in the lower back, a rectangular jade disc-imbedded far infrared ray heating pad is sufficient. They come in all sizes and have several heating levels.  All you need to do is plug it in and lie down on the pad.  The discs give off deep heat relief to the sore muscles of the back, allowing the muscles to relax in the glow of the heating pad.

Another great tool to use is a back massager, it will help loosen up the muscles and relax them.