Memory foam body pillow

Body pillows are extremely important for getting a good night’s sleep. They are the best thing for people who have chronic body pain or insomnia.  They hug your body so you feel warm and snug as you grasp the pillow along its length.

They make several kinds of body pillows.  Some are stuffed with down, while others are stuffed with synthetic material or memory foam.  The type of body pillow you use depends on your personal preference and on what works best for you.

The Memory Foam Body Pillow

You can decide for yourself but there are many benefits to using a memory foam body pillow.  They tend to be firmer than the other types of pillow but they easily form fit to your body as you sleep.  You can use the memory foam body pillow for your head and body or just for your body. It is best used while lying on your side, so you can hug the pillow, allowing the memory foam to form fit to your head, arms, and legs.

Memory foam body pillows are more expensive than regular pillows or even regular body pillows.  They cost about $70 on Amazon but you may be able to get a deal. They are a good investment if you have chronic body aches or have trouble sleeping. Their memory foam hugging properties are excellent for those people who want to sleep well with a pillow that will snuggly hung the body.

How to Use the Memory Foam Body Pillow

You can use the memory foam body pillow as your only pillow or you can use it alongside a regular pillow that you use for your head.  The pillow is used longitudinally in your bed so that it goes up and down your body.

You basically get yourself comfortable and hug the pillow, allowing the memory foam to indent and cradle your aching muscles and joints.  If you change positions during the night, the body pillow will readjust and form fit to your body in your new position.




Downsides of a Memory Foam Body Pillow

While most people will find many benefits for a memory foam body pillow, there are some downsides to using this type of pillow.  For one thing, they tend to keep you warmer than a regular pillow as the memory foam does not breathe as well as pillows stuffed with down or synthetic material.  This can be hard for people who like to sleep in a cooler environment.

Secondly, some people don’t like the firmness of the memory foam type of pillow.  They are not very soft and they tend to dig into body parts, such as your knees and elbows.  They also don’t bounce back to a new shape as rapidly as a synthetic or down pillow so that, if you are constantly changing positions during the nighttime hours, you may have to wait until the pillow returns to its natural stage before replacing your body around the pillow.

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