The jade infrared heating pad is a special kind of heating pad you can find at specialty stores or on the internet.

It is said to have advantages over a regular heating pad because the far infrared heat rays used in the jade infrared heating pad go deeper into the muscles to relieve deep muscle spasm.

How to Use the Jade Pad

The jade infrared heating pad can be plugged into a regular wall outlet and you can set the temperature to whatever is the most comfortable.  Ideally, you should set it to a temperature that is comfortable for the back and that doesn’t burn the back.

Most of these pads are set so that they don’t use too much heat and so that they can be put directly on the back without major burning or discomfort.

Jade heating pads often have a shut off switch that will turn off after thirty minutes or so.  This is the recommended amount of time you should use on your back when applying heat for muscle spasm.

You can give the jade infrared heating pad a chance to warm up to the correct temperature again so that, after a short rest and cooling down period, you can put the jade mat back on and can go another thirty minutes before you go for another rest.

If the mat is too hot for you, place a cloth between the mat and your skin or lower the temperature on the mat so it isn’t so hot he next time you use it.  Most mats allow for a wide variation in heating temperatures so you can set it on the level that seems to work the best for you.

Benefits of Using a Jade Heating Pad

Heat Deep Beneath the Muscles

Unlike a regular heating pad that just heats up the skin and goes into the muscles a little bit, the jade infrared ray heating pad makes use of far infrared ray heat.  This type of heat has been known to get the heat deep beneath the muscles—at least three inches deep to the skin.  This has the advantage of getting to the deeper portions of the back, where the regular heating pad just can’t reach.

No Burning

The jade heating mat is made from real jade discs that heat up just to the right temperature without burning your back.  You can use the heating mat while sitting in a comfortable chair or when lying on the couch or on a bed.  It is comfortable to put on and the infrared ray heat can deeply penetrate the tissues without burning the skin.

The only disadvantage of the jade heating pad is its cost.  You can get some great deals on amazon but one heating mat will easily cost you around $90-$120 per pad.  They last a long time so if you are prone to back strain, getting a jade heating mat might be a good investment of your money.

The jade infrared heating pad is a good choice for stiff muscles and acute low back pain.  Take it wherever you go or leave it at home to use when you’ve been working especially hard and need some back relief.