Investing in a painless life should be everyone’s priority. You deserve to be happy, and pain should not keep you down. The bad thing about it is that it does not get better with age. You may become more prone to pain due to your everyday routine, previous injuries and most common as you hit your senior years. HealthyLine is a company dedicated to helping people improve their lives so that they can enjoy living it to the fullest.

The Belt-PA Inframat Pro is one of their heating pad belts, designed to wrap around your lower back with the focus to relieve pain from that area.

Belt-PA InfraMat Pro Review

Company: Healthy Line

Model: Belt-PA Inframat Pro

Stones included in the belt: Natural amethyst stone

Provide Negative Ion: Yes

FDA Registered: Yes


Benefits of the Belt-PA Inframat Pro

Infrared Light Waves

This belt contains about 4lbs. of natural amethyst stones. Amethyst stones have been used for over a century due to their healing benefits. They generate infrared rays to help with detoxification of the body and revitalizing it to gain more energy. This is a heated stone mat which extends various benefits to the body. It raises the body temperature so that your blood circulation increases. If you are experiencing pain due to stiff muscle or torn ligaments, more oxygen filled blood with more nutrients are delivered to the ailing part. Consequently, you’ll receive an instant lift from the pain.

Negative Ions

This Healthy line belt also generates negative ions. They are commonly known for clearing the air around you and providing relief from allergies. They naturally occur in the atmosphere and are in abundant in places where waterfalls and water bodies occur. They neutralize the positive ions which are present in allergenic agents. If you have the tendency to get allergies, this pad will go a long way in helping your body heal and reverse the effects of the allergies.

Negative ions are also known for increasing overall well-being, decrease airborne viruses and bacteria, relieve tension and decrease blood pressure.

Helps You Relax and Sleep Better

These stones will give a calming effect to the sore muscles helping you relax and unwind after a long day. With it, you can slowly correct your sleeping patterns since through the relaxation; your brain can rest comfortably. Your muscles follow suit through stretching, and they become smooth. After you have felt relief from pain, it means you can sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Other Benefits

The heat produced is known to help in weight loss because of the sweating experienced due to high temperature. It heats the deeper tissues to boost your metabolism, so your body starts to use up more energy. In the process, you’ll start losing the unwanted weight.


What Conditions Will Best Benefit from this Heated Belt?

It is particularly designed for lower back pain, this could be caused by different things the wrong posture being one of them. The heating belt has an ergonomic style that restores the position of your back to help you sit upright again. The top cover has a construction from synthetic leather it aids in distributing the heat throughout the back for maximum healing results.

Other conditions this pad can manage include stress and tension, joint pain and upper back pain.

Belt-PA InfraMat Pro Review

Features of the Healthy Line Belt-PA InfraMat Pro

Size – This is a long belt design meant to cover your lower back and the lower abdomen. It measures 54 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

Weight – With 4lbs of pure natural amethysts, you can tell it’s not too heavy for you to continue with everyday tasks when it’s around your waist.

Material – This heated belt has a construction with over 14 layers for maximum energy transfer. Each layer has its function including the bottom cover which keeps it waterproof so that you can soak in its crystal energy for long hours. The top layer is pure synthetic leather which will protect you from burns because it is highly absorbent of heat. It also has photon lights built in.

Negative ions – It produces 700/cc of negative ions. This is as much as the body needs to maintain its immunity. If you are always fatigued and experience sleepless nights, the negative ions will help you stop compensating your sleepless nights with poor health.

Infrared heat – It also generates 5-14um of infrared heat. These waves will be responsible for strengthening your immunity altogether.

EMF filterThis Healthy line belt carries an automated EMF filter. It immensely blocks EMF and other radiation produced by electronic gadgets like your laptop and smartphone.

Connection – It snaps together at the front to give a comfortable snug fit. It connects to an 110-120V plug for USA power outlets.


The Controller

With a LED lit controller, you can set the temperature you like up to 70-degrees Celsius. This way you have a wide range of heat intensity to choose from for absolute comfort.

It comes with a 9-hour auto shut-off feature to kick in the night mode. It’s not always right to sleep with a heated pad so, for that purpose, this pad cannot support continuous use.




Why Should You Consider This Heated Belt?

When you are looking to gain wholesome wellness, this pad will contribute immensely to your overall health. If you have the tendency to experience a sore back due to long day jobs and journeys, it will come through for you to relax and restore your vitality. It is suited for you when allergies plague your everyday life. Most of all if you want to manage lower back pain, this is the heating pad to choose.

Belt-PA InfraMat Pro Review

Why should you seek another alternative?   

If you have any metallic object in your body like a heart pacemaker, you may be required to look for other ways to manage pain. The working of a heart pacemaker and that of this pad will create interferences which may cause you more harm than good. If you have heat sensitive conditions or use blood thinners, you have an open wound or you are experiencing a fever, this is also not for you.

Customer Support and Warranty

Healthy Line provides 45-day trial and a one year warranty to back this product so you can be sure you’re getting an authenticated heating pad. The guarantee covers artistry defects repairs. You can also get a replacement if your pad fails before the warranty time is over. They also offer a trade-in allowance where you get a newer version at a discounted price in exchange for the old one.

Read more about Healthy Lines warranties here.


Final Thoughts on the Belt-PA InfraMat Pro

It’s important that you drink lots of water when using this Healthy line Inframat pro belt-PA. You’ll want to experience elasticity in your skin and not get burned. Meanwhile, it’s time you take control of your overall health, this belt might be your answer to that. You don’t need to have pain keep you from enjoying the things you used to do before the pain started encroaching on your back. Since you have the 45-day trial, give it a go and see if it can ease your lower back pain.