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If you injure your back, the muscles can be strained and, after a day or so will go into spasm, especially if you haven’t applied ice to the acute injury.

There are several things you can do to ease back muscle spasm.

These are some good treatments.

Back Muscle Spasm Treatment – 4 Ways to Treat It Naturally

1. Heating Pad

You can purchase a regular heating pad at your local pharmacy or online. These are plugged into the electrical socket and come in settings that are usually “low”, “medium”, or “high”.

The heating pad will heat up the skin and the heat will penetrate the tissues so that the muscle spasm can be relieved and the circulation increased to the affected area.

You need to apply heat for thirty minutes at a time, waiting another thirty minutes before applying the heating pad again.  Use a towel or cover for the heating pad so that the heating coils do not come in direct contact with the skin as this might cause burning of the skin.

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2. Far Infrared Ray Heating Pad

This is also called an FIR heating pad and is more expensive than a regular heating pad. They do come with many health benefits though so it might be worth it. They can be purchased online quite easily.

Many of these FIR heating pads make use of jade discs that draw in heat from an electrical outlet, giving it off again as far infrared ray heat.  This type of heating pad will go deeper into the tissues when compared to a regular heating pad.  Muscles as deep as 2-3 inches from the skin can receive the heat.

This will increase the circulation to the affected muscles and can decrease the muscle spasm in your back.  Like regular heating pads, they should be used for thirty minutes at a time, giving your muscles a chance to cool down between treatments.

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3. TENS Unit

A TENS unit is a battery powered electrical device that can decrease the pain and spasm of the back muscles.  It can be purchased online or at a medical supply store.  Your doctor may be able to prescribe one for you.

It involves a small box that has a dial that turns on the electrical stimulation.  The box is attached to electrodes that are placed on the affected painful area.  The device is then turned on.

As the device is dialed up, you will begin to feel a buzzing or tingling sensation in the skin that goes deep into the tissues.  It overrides the pain signals coming from the back muscles and relieves the pain and spasm.

You can turn it up as high as it needs to go in order to relieve the painful sensations.  TENS units can be used continuously for long term pain relief.

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4. Pain Creams

There are several kinds of pain creams you can use on muscles of the back that have gone into spasm. Many of them contain substances that heat up the back on contact. This heats up the tissues and increases the circulation to the muscles.

This will decrease the spasm of the muscles.  Aspercreme can also be used topically to relieve muscle pain and spasm.

Capsaicin cream is a type of cream containing the substance found in hot chili peppers.

It works gradually on painful tissues, decreasing the amount of substance P, which is the molecule in the tissues that causes pain.  It can take several weeks for capsaicin cream to relieve pain and muscle spasm in the back.

What kind of back spasm muscle treatment do you prefer? Feel free to share with us below in the comment section.


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