muscle relaxerIf you have overdone it and your back, neck, or shoulders have become stiff and sore, you may be wondering what you can do in order to relax the muscles and decrease the pain.

It’s not always possible to go spend hours at the spa, to get that professional treatment.

Fortunately, there are all natural muscle relaxers available that can help you feel better. Muscle relaxers that you can take use of at home.

In this all natural muscle relaxer post, we discuss things you can do for muscle pain and spasm.

All Natural Muscle Relaxer – 3 Things that Relax

Heat Application

Localized heat by putting on a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or an infrared ray heating pad can combat the muscles spasm that is causing the pain.

Hot water bottles are cheap and can be filled with hot water and applied to the sore area. The heat infiltrates into the muscles, increasing the circulation and decreasing muscle spasm.

A heating pad is also cheap and can be purchased online. You need to be careful as heating pads can get too hot and can burn the skin.  Put the heating pad on low or put a towel or cloth between the heating pad and the skin so your skin won’t burn.

 You can also make use of an infrared ray heating pad, which usually consists of a pad that is imbedded with jade stones that give off far infrared ray heat or FIR heat. This type of heat can go much deeper in the tissues than a hot water bottle or regular heating pad so that spasm and pain can be relieved in muscles as deep as 2-3 inches from the skin.

Always put the heating pad on for about thirty minutes at a time before taking off the heat, allowing the muscles to cool down again. After that, you can reapply heat for another thirty minutes.  There is no limit as to how long you can cycle the heat.  You can do it until the muscle are free of pain and spasm.



TENS units can relieve pain and spasm of the muscles using a small electrical signal applied to the affected area. The TENS unit is a small device that can be clipped to your waistband. You can purchase these online.

They have a box that is attached to electrodes that are placed on the areas of the body that are painful.  Then you need to turn up the device until you feel a faint buzzing or tingling feeling on the skin.  Turn it up until the buzzing sensation blocks out the feelings of pain.

TENS units can relieve pain and muscle spasm and can be used for long periods of time.  You do not have to turn off the device as you do with heating pads.


Topical Creams

There are several types of topical creams that can ease the pain and relax the muscles. One of these is Aspercreme.  It is applied to the skin overlying the stiff muscles.

The salicylic acid soaks into the tissues and relieves muscle pain and spasm.  There are also creams containing menthol and other heating creams that heat up the affected area, increasing the circulation to the muscles and decreasing the muscle stiffness.

These can be applied as much as you like in order to relieve the muscle pain.

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