Shoulder-related injuries can be quite painful and disturbing. They also disrupt your normal routine. Corrective surgery or any treatment procedure only attempts to repair the damaged tissue, while the healing process is left to your body to carry out. However, the body’s healing process can take a long time without any form of support.

During this period your mobility is also affected severely and so is your productivity. Shoulder braces are produced to fix these challenges you face during this phase. The McDavid 463 Shoulder Support, one of the many shoulder braces available right now will be scrutinized in-depth in this article.

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Review

Brand: McDavid   

Model: 463 Shoulder Support

Latex free: Yes

Color: Black


Benefits of the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support  

The sports apparel market is saturated with a variety of shoulder braces; one of which is the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support. What makes the McDavid’s any different from the competition? Perhaps a look at the benefits outlined below could provide further insight on this shoulder brace:

  • It’s quite easy to don this shoulder brace, unlike many others which require the assistance of a third party.
  • The McDavid 463 Shoulder Support is made of neoprene which delivers excellent thermal therapy which speeds up the healing of your injured shoulder.
  • With this shoulder support, your injured shoulder is more stable since it compresses and holds the shoulder firmly.
  • Using the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support is convenient, and it’s lightweight.
  • It delivers a snug fit so you can dress up with the shoulder support underneath your clothing.
  • The hook and straps of the shoulder support deliver stability to your shoulder by enhancing the snug fit of the shoulder support.
  • The McDavid 463 Shoulder Support is suitable for your left and right shoulders.
  • Since the brace is latex free, allergies to the shoulder support are relatively rare.
  • It’s smooth so the skin so you don’t have to worry about abrasions after donning the brace.
  • Athletes can don the shoulder support as a precautionary approach and perhaps for improved confidence.
  • It comes in different sizes, so regardless of your muscle mass there’s always a shoulder support for you.


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What Does the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Help With?

Outlined below are some of the areas you will find the McDavid 463 shoulder support helpful:

  • It compresses the skin of your shoulder delivering excellent proprioception which is essential for your shoulder.
  • There are certain tendons which are susceptible to damage especially in an injured shoulder; this shoulder support provides some protection for such tissues.
  • Your injured shoulder is strengthened with the use of this brace.
  • A Faster healing process is another tremendous improvement provided by the McDavid 463 shoulder support.
  • Improved stability of the shoulder
  • You get a more coordinated mobility with this shoulder support


How to Use the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support

This is a simple shoulder support. It’s quite easy to put on the McDavid 463 shoulder support. The first step is to make sure that you get the right size:


The outlined steps should make this shoulder support much easier to use:

  • Remove the shoulder support from its wrapper
  • Disengage the strap from the shoulder support
  • Insert the arm of your injured shoulder into the arm closure of the brace
  • It’s important you draw the apex of the shoulder support, so it lies on your shoulder joint and encloses a substantial part of your collar bone.
  • Wrap the strap around the hypochondria region of your body and attach it to the clasp on the shoulder support.


Features of the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support

The neoprene material used in making this shoulder support delivers a snug fit for your shoulder. It is also latex free making it suitable for anyone with an allergic reaction to latex.

The shoulder support is embedded with the HexPad technology, a trademark of McDavid Incorporation, manufacturers of the McDavid 463 shoulder support and a host of other sports accessories. The HexPad technology ensures you can breathe comfortably with the shoulder support and carry out your normal without hitches.

With the arm closure of this shoulder support, your injured shoulder is stabilized significantly. It also compresses the skin around the shoulder for a faster healing process.

The strap and hook of the shoulder brace ensure your shoulder is adequately supported regardless of the task before you engage.

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Who Is the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Meant For?

Anyway desirous of a swift healing period for an injured shoulder especially after a surgical procedure will find this shoulder support an ideal choice. Athletes will also find the McDavid 463 shoulder support beneficial since it gives them the confidence to push themselves without worrying over the occurrence of an injury.

Consult your doctor, if this shoulder brace is for you or not.

Who should not Use the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support?

If you have a healthy shoulder girdle which doesn’t require any support to function adequately, then perhaps the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support isn’t for you. Any individual who doesn’t engage in sporting activities or exercises especially those related to upper limb development shouldn’t bother purchasing this shoulder support.


Customer Support and Warranty

Anyone with queries regarding the use of the brace and perhaps more information about the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support will find the McDavid website sufficient. Their Contact Us page is accessible from the lower segment of every page. You can also check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section also available beneath every page.

McDavid Inc offers a 30-day warranty period for all their products including the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support. This means you can return a faulty shoulder support within the speculated period for a refund or exchange. However, you will need to ensure the shoulder support has no problem beside the flawed you observed on purchasing the brace. It’s important you are aware that refund or exchange process might take a couple of weeks.

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Final Thoughts of the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support

An injury to your shoulder can affect your productivity and is usually painful. The production of shoulder supports could be regarded as light at the end of a dark tunnel. The McDavid 463 Shoulder Support stabilizes your shoulder and speeds up the recuperative period. Athletes will find the shoulder support ideal for their numerous sporting activities. It’s also cost-effective compared to the competition which makes it an excellent choice for anyone on a budget.