Injuries to the lower leg can be painful and uncomfortable. Most people after undergoing a surgical procedure for such an injury end up using a mobility aid. Clutches might be considered the traditional tool patients use in getting around. The problem with clutches is they cause pain and discomfort to the user. They are also clumsy to use.

Knee walkers are a better alternative to clutches. They are convenient, improve the mobility of the user substantially and are known to minimize the pain you feel. The Knee Rover Knee Walker is one of the many mobility aids available right now.

This article takes a critical look at this knee walker with the aim of assisting you to make an informed decision should you intend purchasing a mobility aid.

Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker Review

Make: KneeRover  

Model: Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Color: Hot Pink


Benefits of the Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker

What makes the Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker stand out among the many mobility aids currently available on the market? Below are some of the benefits of this medical scooter:

  • The Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walkerhas four rubber tires each with a diameter of 7.5 inches which makes it suitable for different types of terrain. The tires also provide the needed balance so you can use the knee walker without worries.
  • Setting up this medical scooter is easy even better is the fact that it requires no tools
  • With the 3.5 inches thick knee platform, you can put your injured leg at ease by placing it on the platform. The platform is designed to cater for either leg, and it’s also adjustable which makes it convenient.
  • Steering this mobility aid is easy largely due to the firm grip provided by the handlebars.
  • The handbrake and the rear disc brake of the Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker ensure you can comfortably make that stop without any hitches. The single handle brake means you don’t need to hold onto both sides. The handbrake is adjustable so you can modify the position of this feature to suit you.
  • With the detachable basket of this medical scooter, you can easily carry along your personal belongings
  • This mobility aid is lightweight which means you put in little effort to move the scooter.
  • With the dual bar frame of this scooter, you are assured of a durable mobility aid with the stability you need to get around.
  • Folding this mobility aid is easy making it portable. This eases the stress of transporting or storing the knee walker.
  • The Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker can carry an individual weighing up to 300lb which is commendable since that covers the average weight of most people.
  • The small turning radius of this mobility aid makes it maneuverable which is important on a scooter of this magnitude.


What does the Knee Rover Knee Walker help with?

Injuries to the lower leg, the foot, and ankle are cases which necessitate the need for a medical scooter like the Knee Rover Knee Walker. This mobility aid is a worthy alternative to the use of clutches.


How to use the Knee Rover Knee Walker

Before you commence using this medical scooter, you will need to setup the mobility aid which should be relatively easy if you follow the steps outlined below:

  • This medical scooter comes with the knee platform attached underneath the frame, so you will need to detach the platform by removing the knee pin which holds the platform to the frame and then release the clamp.
  • Keep the knee platform aside and proceed with the other components.
  • Assembly the steering column by inserting the quick release lever into its segment on the frame.
  • Use the wrench provided with the medical scooter to tighten the screw to support the steering column.
  • Hold the steering column up and move the quick release lever to the left and then re-clamp the lever.
  • To adjust the height of the column to suit your needs utilize the height adjustment knob by inserting it into the opening after selecting the desired height of the steering column.
  • Tighten the height adjustment knob.
  • Place the slender end of the knee platform into its opening on the metal frame.
  • Use the knee pin to secure the knee platform in position.
  • Clamp the lever visible beneath the knee platform.
  • Attach the basket to its position easily by aligning its opening with the support on the steering column.


Noteworthy Information

It’s important you fold the steering column to lie on the frame when installing the steering column. This ensures the steering column is accurately set up.


Features of the Knee Rover Knee Walker

The handlebars ensure you can control this mobility aid with ease.

The dual bar frame of the Knee Rover Knee Walker ensures the medical scooter lasts long.

With the four 7.5 inches rubber tires, you get a combination of balance and convenience.

The single handbrake makes using just hand to bring the knee walker to a halt easily.

The knee platform ensures you don’t put pressure on your injured leg

With the detachable basket of the Knee Rover Knee Walker, you can carry along those precious belongings of yours.


Who can use the Knee Rover Knee Walker?

Anyone with an injury to the lower leg or foot will find the Knee Rover Knee Walker a worthwhile purchase. It represents an excellent alternative to the use of clutches. Anybody under 300 pounds.

Who should not buy the Knee Rover Knee Walker?

This mobility aid would not be of any help to anyone who doesn’t have any problem walking or doesn’t have any injury to the lower part of their leg.


Customer Support and Warranty

Knee Rover, the firm responsible for the production of this medical scooter has different ways through which customers can ask questions and get the information they need concerning their desired product. Their social media handles in addition to their email address ensures getting in touch with their customer care agents is easy for every category of individuals.

The Knee Rover Knee Walker comes with a 30 day warranty period during which you must obtain a return material authorization (RMA). The warranty does not cover damages you inflict on the mobility aid during use.

Final Thoughts of the Knee Rover Knee Walker

The era when a person recovering from a lower limb injury relies on the use of clutches has ended. The Knee Rover Knee Walker in Hot Pink is among the top ten mobility scooters on the market now. It’s affordable considering its numerous features and the value it brings to the user.