Are you skeptical about your mobility in the events of a lower limb surgery? Frankly, you don’t need to worry. While the conventional crutches can be painful and limited to specific terrain, technology advancement has lead to the introduction of more mobility friendly gadgets such as scooters and knee walkers which make movement feasible and less exacting regardless of the terrain.

The All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker which belongs to the knee walker category is the rave of the moment. In this article, we will examine what makes Knee Rover’s Steerable Knee Walker special.

All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Review

From: Knee Rover  

Model: All Terrain KneeRover Knee Walker

3 Key Features:

  • With 12 inch tires, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum stability
  • Adjustable handlebars and knee platform

Weight capacity: 350 pounds

After a successful surgery on a damaged foot, broken leg or a fracture at the knee joint level, your mobility is bound to have you worried sick on what the future holds. This shouldn’t be the case. You deserve enough peace of mind which should last you a lifetime.

Knee Rover’s All Terrain Steerable Knee Walker promises not only to make your mobility worries a thing of the past but also prevent the buildup of pain which is common with the use of clutches due to the strains placed on your upper limbs by such tools. To understand how this Knee Walker attempts to achieve this, we have outlined the numerous benefits of the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker below.


Benefits of the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker

  • Coming 12-inch pneumatic tires, this knee walker gives you the freedom of mobility you might have only dreamt about. The tires make this gadget suitable for every terrain from the conventional bituminous pitch common on roads to the porous sands of the beach.
  • The knee platform and handlebars can be easily adjusted giving you the freedom. It also minimizes the effort required to move the walker. Thus you don’t strain your muscles and avoid any painful situation.
  • With the steering of this Knee Walker, you get more control and balance on your movement. The steering incorporated into this Knee Walker is similar to that of an automobile.
  • The braking system of the Knee Rover’s Knee Walker is efficient and rather simple providing the comfort you deserve.
  • With the wire basket attached to the knee walker, you can carry along your personal belongings to wherever you desire without stress.
  • The All Terrain Kneel Walker is built to last with the solid dual connection between the seat and the steering.
  • Knee amputees will find this knee walker quite convenient with the cushioned knee rest.
  • You can easily store the Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker since segments of the knee walker (such as the knee rest and handlebars) can be folded.
  • You will find the control of the Knee Walker convenient thanks in part to the sturdy handlebars.
  • With the padded seat of this Knee Walker, you get increased comfort reducing the pain you feel.

What does the All Terrain Knee Steerable Knee Walker help with?

Anyone with mobility issues will find this knee walker valuable considering the pain observable with the use of conventional clutches. You can also afford to go anywhere regardless of terrain with the 12-inch pneumatic tires.

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How to use the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker

Like every tool you might have come across, you will need to setup the Steerable Knee Walker before using it. The good news is the setup is quite seamless. Here is a brief outline of the setup instruction:

1)    Connect the axle to the frame using the bolts and wrench.

2)    Next, connect the steering column to the axle using the locking mechanism of the security pin. The clamp lever should come in handy in holding the steering column in place.

3)    Connect the knee platform by inserting the pointed end of the platform into the receptacle tube. The platform can then be adjusted to a suitable position.

4)    The basket though detachable, can be affixed firmly to the steering column.

5)    Out of the box, the pneumatic tires are not fully inflated as a protective measure. It is imperative you have these tires inflated to the appropriate pressure.

The Setup of the All Terrain Knee Walker is completely tool-less which is commendable. Using the brake of this knee walker requires applying pressure on the brake lever handlebar. With the All Terrain Kneel Walker, you can lock the braking mechanism with the touch of a button.

You can get more information concerning the complete setup of this knee walker in the pamphlet provided with the tool.

After setting up the knee walker, it’s ideal you adjust the knee platform and the handlebars to positions which would be most convenient for you. This you can do by getting on the knee walker and placing your knee on the knee pad.

Before getting on the Knee Scooter ensure you have activated the brake. Set the Kneel Walker in motion using a strong limb.

Features of the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter

  • It comes with a steering handle synonymous to that in an automobile.
  • This Knee Scooter comes with a handbrake system with distinct features for your safety when using the modified scooter.
  • The 12-inch pneumatic tires of this knee walker make mobility on different terrains possible.
  • The dual crossbar of the Knee Walker provides stability and ensures this scooter lasts longer.
  • With the knee rest, your knees are adequately supported regardless of the trip.
  • The handlebar of this Kneel Walker gives you complete control over the scooter.
  • With the detachable basket, you can carry along some of your basic items to your desired destination.

Who Is the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Walker for?

If you have just undergone surgery for injured limb, this scooter would be perfect for you. It is suitable for anyone who finds walking difficult for whatever reason.

Who should not buy the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter?

If you find walking easy and without any painful sensation then perhaps this knee walker isn’t for you.

Customer Support and Warranty

Knee Rover which produces the All Terrain Knee Walker values customer satisfaction.

The All Terrain Steerable Knee Walker comes with a one year warranty period from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover parts of this scooter (tires, brakes, and others) which become worn out with use. Also, this warranty does not cover any damages incurred by improper use of this knee walker.

Final Thoughts

Though the cost of the All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter might seem above average, it represents immense value for money. It delivers support and increased mobility while reducing the pain experienced with mobility.


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