There are many different kinds of electric heating pads on the market. Using heat can highly benefit you and your achy body. By using heat you increase the blood flow and the injured or achy area feels relief and heals quicker. Also by applying heat you get a ”good feel” feeling that can help with your over all health.

If your body benefits from the heat, then you are in for a treat. We here list…

7 Different Kinds of Electric Heating Pads

1. Regular Heating Pads

These regular heating pads are often made out of a soft fabric. They are easy to operate with a controller attached to the heating pad.

These regular heating pads come in different sizes. Here are a few of the options available:

  • Small 12” x 15”
  • Medium 14” x 18”
  • Large 14” x 27”

These heating pads are best used for heat treatments when your dealing with a achy body. They can be used on pretty much any part of your body.

You can use them for back pain, lower back pain, for injuries, and for your joint ache. Most of them wraps easily around a knee, elbow or other joint. They can also be used for arthritis, cramps  and other issues where heat is beneficial. The heat loosens up the muscles, relax spasm and leaves you with a relaxed and good feeling.

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These heating pads are not recommended to lay on. If you need to be able to lay on the pad, take a look at the infrared heating pads.


2. Infrared Heating Pads

These infrared heating pads, are often made out of jade, tourmaline and other natural stones. The benefit using a heating pad with these natural stones, is that they give out FIR far infrared heat. This kind of heat penetrates deeper into your muscles, up to 3 inches deep, for faster healing. Many claim that these work far better than a ”regular” heating pad.

The far infrared heating pads comes in different sizes, and most of them are comfortable laying on. Since they are made out of natural stones they are heavier than a ”regular” pad.

The far infrared heat can help with pain relief and increased circulation but also with increased energy, lowering pressure and toxin removal.

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3. Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

If you are dealing with neck and shoulder pain you should take a closer look at a neck and shoulder heating pad. These heating pads are specifically designed for your neck and shoulder area. If you are having issues here, using a fitted heating wrap will work best.

A neck and shoulder wrap will help loosen up your stiff neck, it helps you relax and ease spasm in this area.

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4. Heating Mattress for Your Bed

To keep your bed nice and warm using a heated mattress will do the job. If you are cold and frozen or if you have a medical condition where heat really helps, getting a mattress pad with this kind of heat might help.

A heated mattress can be your solution if you don`t want to deal with the heating pad in bed while sleeping, this is a safe option, specifically designed for your bed.


5. Portable Heating Pads That You Charge

If you are on the go and need a heating pad with you there are a few options to choose between. You can use a heating pad that you charge with an electric cord and then just bring it with you. There are also heat pads that you charge with a USB cable. If you need to be able to charge on the go or outdoors you can even get one with a battery packet.

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6. Heat Seat with Massage

Perfect for the car is a heated seat. Save time and get your heat treatment on your way to work. Some of these heated seats even comes with massage.

Stay warm, relax and relive your back, shoulder and thigh aches.


7. Massage Table Warmer

The last of our electric heating pad options is the massage table warmer. If you have your own table at home or if you run a massage studio either way this will keep you or your clients warm. It functions as a regular heating pad with adjustable heat settings and auto shut off.