santa brings heating padWhen Christmas rolls around, it can be difficult to think of just the right present to give your friends and loved ones.  One thing for sure, however, is that you can’t go wrong by selecting a present that will keep you loved ones warm.

In much of the country, the weather is frigid and presents to keep you warm will be especially appreciated.

Let’s look at some amazing gifts that will keep someone warm.

7 Christmas Gifts That Will Keep You Warm

1. A Wooly Hat

Hats are especially popular in the winter season and you can’t really have too many hats. Choose a hat that covers the person’s ears and that will go with just about anything.  A hat made from wool will keep out the frostiest wind on the coldest day.

2. A Wool Scarf

Along with a wooly hat comes a matching woolen scarf. Scarves made from wool are especially warm although synthetic scarves may be less itchy and will also do the trick to keep your loved one’s neck warm in the winter weather.

3. A Down Duvet

Down duvets are very popular in Europe, where they have winters just as cold as in the US. They are thick and fluffy and most come with a white covering.  You can also add a colorful duvet cover that can be removed and washed to keep the actual duvet from getting dirty.  With a warm duvet, you can sleep with the temperature lower in the house, which can save on heating costs.

4. A Wool Blanket

Wool blankets can be woven in a variety of colors and patterns.  They can be put on the couch so you can cover up when you are watching TV or put on the bed for a toasty night’s sleep.  For those who feel that wool is too itchy, there are synthetic blankets that will keep you just as warm without the itch.

5. A Heating Pad

Heating pads are the perfect gift for those who have aches and pains that are made worse when exposed to the cold. Almost all heating pads are electric and some can be programmed to specific temperatures.  These heat up the skin and cause a warm sensation that loosens muscle spasm while keeping you warm throughout the winter time.

6. A Jade Heating Pad

These are more expensive and can be purchased online. Jade heating pads contain far infrared ray heat or FIR heat that goes deeper into the tissues for a deeper sense of warmth.

Jade heating pads are good for anyone who has back trouble or neck trouble and wants a deep kind of heat to relieve muscle spasm.  Some jade heating pads also have amethyst crystals or tourmaline stones in them, which provide negative ions in them.  Negative ions in your heating pad can extend the benefits of the heating pad to other health issues as well.

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7. A Pair of Boots

Boots come in all styles and varieties.  Choose a pair of boots that is lined with fur or fleece for the best in winter comfort and protection against the cold.

Any of these gifts would be welcome presents for your friends or loved ones.  Not only do they know you are thinking of them but they are very appropriate for the season and will be much appreciated.