An electric heating pad is typically used for warming an area of the body for pain management. Applying heat to a localized area will cause the blood vessels in that area to dilate (enlarge). This aids in the perfusion in the painful, problem area. Pain can be related to muscle exertion, strain, or over stressing.

These issues can cause your circulation to be constricted due to the tension that builds up in the soft tissues. Our brains take these tension signals as pain. It has been long proven that applying heat can ease the pain in the muscles.

6 Reasons to Use an Electric Heating Pad

Sore Muscles

During a workout or strenuous work, the muscle will build up lactic acid if they are not “warmed up” before and after. The tiny muscle tears along with the lactic acid will cause sore, stiff, painful muscles.

A treatment of rotating cold and hot will help alleviate this soreness by providing an increase of blood, oxygen and other important nutrients to the damaged muscles.


Muscle cramps can be brought on by several different reasons. Exercise and chemical imbalances such as low Potassium can cause muscles to cramp or ‘Charlie horse’.

By applying heat to these areas can dilate the blood vessels and increase the blood flow in the sore areas. Even PMS cramping can be relieved by applying heat.

Depending on what area is cramping you might want a large heating pad, we review them here.

Neck Pain

neck pain relief solutionsWhen neck pain is caused by tired, overworked muscles, applying heat can stimulate sensation in the skin and decrease the pain.

If the neck pain is caused by stress, during which time the muscles in the neck have been held tense for long amounts of time, applying heat in the form of a heating pad, can help the muscles relax. There are special heating pads designed for neck and shoulders, we review one of them here.

Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by any number of reasons. But, when it is caused by injured or sore muscles, applying heat can help heal the soft tissue.

There are many muscles in the back that criss-cross each other and yet work together to provide movement. Anyone of them can be injured by excessive use.

To cover a large area like your back, a king size or large heating pad would come in handy.

Hip & Knee Pain

Jogging injury.Hip and knee pain can be very debilitating and are usually caused by a joint problem. When the pain comes from damaged muscle and other soft tissue, applying cold and hot treatments can help increase the flexibility and decrease the aching stiffness around the damaged area or joint.

Muscle and connective tissue heal faster with better blood circulation. When looking for a heating pad for hip or joint, you want one that will form easily after your body, you can find some of them here.

Ear Aches & Infections

Heat, when applied externally to the ear, can help break up the infection that sits and builds inside the ear canal. For some, this can come with extremely debilitating pain. The heat will cause the body to circulate more ‘moisture’ to the applied area and help break-up the hardened wax.

DO NOT use a heating pad if you are pregnant, have open wounds, hemophilia, malignancies, or silicon or metal implants, as these can affect the sensation of heat.

There are three main types of heating pads; electrical, chemical and hot water bottles. Chemical and hot water bottles, once heated, will keep the same temperature until cooling begins, and they will not hold heat for longer periods of time.

An electric heating pad, however, can be temperature controlled and will maintain that temperature until changed or turned off. They also typically come with a cover to help protect the skin from direct heat.

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