5 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

There are many ways to improve blood circulation naturally.  These methods don’t involve a doctor’s office visit or prescription medications.  These are simple methods that are effective and safe.  Adequate blood circulation is important to heal your body and maintain optimum health.

When your body doesn’t receive adequate blood circulation, wounds are slow to heal.  Inadequate blood circulation also sets the stage for blood clots, muscle atrophy, and fatigue. Get that blood circulating…

5 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

1. Heating Pad

Blood vessels expand with exposure to heat.  Using a heating pad properly is an effective way to naturally improve blood circulation to a specific part of the body.

A heating pad works best when set at a low temperature and used for twenty minutes at a time. It’s also a good idea to place a towel, pillowcase, or old T-shirt between your skin and the heating pad.

Using a heating pad does not only improve blood circulation it also relax your muscles and ease pain.

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2. Massage

Massage improves circulation by applying direct pressure to the affected area.  This pressure causes your circulation to improve, bringing healing oxygen and nutrients to sore muscles.  Registered Massage Therapists have excellent knowledge on the most effective techniques.

Self-massage is also effective.  Rub in firm, circular motions.  Start with the most painful area, then move outward and away from the affected area.

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3. Exercise

If you’re able to move around, exercise is the best way to naturally improve blood circulation to your entire body, including your brain.  Simple walking for 15 minutes a day will prove an effective increase in blood circulation.

If you sit at an office job, or are in class all day, it’s especially important to move around.  Sitting for hours at a time restricts the blood flow to your legs and feet.

4. Stop Using Tobacco

Tobacco use, especially cigarette smoking, significantly narrows your blood vessels.  Narrow blood vessels mean poor blood circulation.  Tobacco use impedes blood flow so much that surgeons will not operate on smokers unless it’s an emergency situation.

The blood vessels of long-term tobacco users usually take more than two weeks to begin to return to normal.

5. Dress Properly

When your body is exposed to cold weather, your blood vessels constrict in order to conserve body heat.  Your hands, feet, and head/neck area are usually the most exposed, and should be thoroughly bundled up.  Tight, restrictive clothing should also be avoided.  Socks and shoes that are too tight will keep blood from circulating properly.

These are just some examples of ways to naturally improve blood circulation.  These methods can be used together, if needed.  For example. A leg injury can be treated with massage, the use of a heating pad, and regular stretching exercises.

An open wound will heal faster if you refrain from tobacco use, wear loose clothing, and move as much as possible.  There are many more ways to naturally improve blood circulation such as diet and supplements.  You may have to try a few to determine which ones work best for you.