5 Ways to Ease Pregnancy Back Pain in the Third TrimesterBack pain can be a problem during pregnancy but is particularly uncomfortable during those last three months. You want to enjoy this time, so take a look below to find out how to ease pregnancy back pain third trimester.

Only three more months to go! That wonderful new life inside you is growing. But baby’s position and weight puts pressure on your lower spine and compresses nerves, while the top of your spine curves slightly outwards to support your enlarging breasts.

Hormones affect your joints, and your posture and body alignment change due to your growing bump and stretched abdominal muscles. Back pain is common in the third trimester but there are things you can do to relieve it. Consult your doctor to see what’s safe for you and your baby.  Below are 5 easy solutions that can help with back pain.


5 Ways to Ease Pregnancy Back Pain in the Third Trimester


1. Massage

Gentle massage can ease a backache.

Ask your partner to massage your back. However, tell him not to massage firmly and deeply in the dimples either side of your lower spine as it may stimulate contractions.


2. Good Posture

It’s important that you maintain good posture during pregnancy, especially the third trimester.

  • Always stand up tall and straight with your shoulders back so that your shoulder and hip are aligned. Tuck your pelvis under using the pelvic tilt.
  • Don’t stand for too long in the one position. If your job involves standing for long periods, change from one foot to the other and sit down when possible.
  • Sit with a small pillow in the curve of your spine to encourage you to sit up straight and support your spine.
  • Avoid bending. Don’t bend with your legs straight as this puts excessive strain on your lower back.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects. Bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting or picking something up from the floor. If you have a toddler and you’re pregnant, always kneel or squat to pick him/her up or sit down and let your child climb up onto your lap. Don’t carry your child on one hip as it puts a strain on your back.
  • Work at a surface high enough to prevent you stooping.
  • Wear flat shoes so your weight is more evenly distributed.
  • Wear a supportive, correctly fitting maternity bra. The straps should be wide enough and the cups big enough to take the extra strain off your shoulders and ribcage.


3. Maternity Belt

Use a maternity belt for extra support. It also give relief from hip and pelvic pain.

4. BedTime

The way you lie in bed can put unnecessary strain on your spine and back muscles resulting in pain. Watch your posture in bed.

  • Lie on your side to take stress off your lower back.
  • Put a pillow between your legs. This helps support the weight of your top leg and decreases low back strain.
  • Put a pillow under your abdomen to help support the weight of your bump.
  • Place a pillow behind you to support your back.
  • When getting out of bed, roll on to one side and push yourself up to a sitting position. Then swing your legs over the side of the bed. Sit a moment and then stand up slowly.
  • A firm mattress can help to relieve back pain. If your mattress is too soft, put a piece of hard board under it to make it firmer.


5. Exercise

  • Gentle exercise helps maintain strong abdominal muscles which can help with back pain.
  • Take a daily walk of between 20 and 30 minutes. In the third trimester, walk more slowly. Swimming is helpful as the water supports your weight.
  • Yoga or tai chi may be helpful. Look for a class that’s tailored to pregnant women. If you join a regular exercise class, tell your instructor that you are pregnant.


These pain relief strategies are simple and effective. Now you know how to ease pregnancy back pain third trimester, try these solutions and enjoy these wonderful final months of your pregnancy.