massage chairs what to think of when buying one

You may be thinking of buying a massage chair.  They can be really relaxing when you have back, neck or other pain.  They are especially good at treating chronic pain in the lower back.

Here are five things you need to think of before purchasing a massage chair:

5 Things to Think of When Purchasing a Massage Chair

1. Look for a warranty

You’ll want to get a massage chair that has a good warranty. Sometimes, you might be able to get an extension on your warranty so that, if it should break down, you can get it repaired at no cost to you.  Try to get at least a three-year warranty on parts and a three-year warranty on labor.

Make sure the technician will come to your home so you don’t have to send it back to the company to have it repaired.  You also need to know if the warranty is good in your state as some only offer a warranty in the state it was manufactured.

2. Find out where your massage chair comes from

One of the best chairs come from a reputable massage chair manufacturer.  Panasonic, Inada and Osaki makes good massage chairs.  There might be a discount if you buy your chair from the factory.

There are other chair manufacturers so you’ll want to buy your chair at a manufacturer that is local so you can have repairs done near or at your home.  

3. Have the chair imported at the warehouse

You’ll want to try to buy your chair from a local warehouse rather than at a county fair or home show. You need to be cautious in buying your massage chair from one of these places.

In order to make sure that your massage chair is purchased at someplace where they can import the chair directly from the factory the chair was made at.  This ensures that you can get repairs or a replacement chair close to home.  Shop around for a massage chair that is right for you and that comes from a reputable source.   

4. Look for deals

Sometimes, you can find massage chairs on sale online or at the store or factory. These deals can really cut down on the cost of the massage chair.  Don’t just buy a massage chair because it is on sale.

You need to buy a chair that suits you, even if it isn’t on sale.  

5. Massage Chair Motors

You will want to find out where the motors have been manufactured. The best motors usually come from Japan.  In Japan, they make long lasting and precision made motors.   The motors need to have enough torque in order to better power the massage chair.

They need to have strength as much of your weight is being placed on the motors.  You also need to ask how many motors the chair has.  It is better to have just a few motors that are powerful than it is to have several, less powerful motors.

This was, 5 Things to Think of When Purchasing a Massage Chair, what’s your take on it?