5 Neck Tension Relief Solutions

Tension in the neck can be caused by using a computer all day, sleeping the wrong way at night, or sustaining a whiplash injury to the neck in an accident.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to add to neck tension relief that will make the quality of your life much better.

5 Neck Tension Relief Solutions

Neck tension relief techniques include the following:

1. Using Local Ice

Ice applied to the neck will relief the pain and inflammation associated with neck tension.  You can use an ice pack you buy at the store or you can use a bag of ice from the freezer.  Some people use a bag of frozen vegetables to apply to the neck for pain relief.

The ice pack should be applied for thirty minutes at a time and then it should be taken off for thirty minutes to allow the neck to warm up before putting the ice back on again.  This usually works best within the first 48 hours following the onset of the tension and pain.

2. Using Local Heat

Tension in the neck can be the result of spasm of the muscles of the neck.  This is best treated with local heat.  You can use a warm cloth or a heating pad designed specially for your neck and shoulder area.  Heat is applied on low heat for about thirty minutes at a time in order to relieve the muscle spasm in the neck.

Some people invest in far infrared ray heating pads (FIR heating pads) that get deeper into the muscles of the neck.   Others invest in heating pads that form fit around the neck.  These are shaped so that they get to all the muscles of the neck but are more expensive than regular heating pads. Use a cloth or covering on the heating pad so that you don’t burn your skin.

3. Using a Neck Relief Pillow

They make pillows that are specially made for those with neck pain.  Most can be found on the internet but you may find one at a medical supply store.  Sometimes just using two regular pillows will help because they will cradle the neck so that it doesn’t push the neck and shoulders down into the mattress and keep the neck in the proper alignment during sleep.

Using a specific neck pillowcan relive the pain.

4. Using Chiropractic Methods

Sometimes the problem is from the bones of the neck being out of alignment, causing tension in the muscles.  The chiropractor can detect subtle alterations in the alignment of the neck that are the cause of the neck tension.

They can do chiropractic manipulation to relief the bony aspect of the neck tension and can use ultrasound therapy to relieve the tension of the neck caused by muscle strain.

5. Wear a Cervical Collar

A soft cervical collar can support the neck so that the muscles of the neck don’t have to work so hard to support the head.  This can relieve the muscles of the neck from having to do any kind of work.

Soft cervical collars can be purchased at a pharmacy or drug store.  Many medical supply stores will stock them as well.

What’s your neck tension relief solution?