neck pain home remedy to ease neck painNeck pain can be really uncomfortable with arthritic changes and muscle spasm contributing to the pain and inflammation.

Fortunately, there are things you can do that will ease the pain without having to see the doctor.  Here are some tips:

5 Home Remedies for Neck Pain

1. Wear a Soft Cervical Collar

You can purchase a soft cervical collar online.  It often comes in different sizes to fit the size of your neck.  The soft cervical collar comes with a Velcro attachment so that you can just put it around your neck and fasten it.

The soft cervical collar comes with an area to rest your chin on so you don’t have to put any pressure on your neck.  It keeps you from moving your neck around and helps support the neck, whether you are upright or lying down.


2. Apply Ice

Ice is a great choice for neck pain because it eases inflammation and settles the pain sensations in your neck. It can be applied straight from the freezer in the form of a gel-type ice pack, a bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen vegetables.

Keep the ice applied to the neck for thirty minutes at a time, although you can repeat the process over and over again as long as you have a period of at least 30 minutes while the neck warms up before cooling it again with the ice. Take a towel or cloth to cover the neck ice pack so it doesn’t freeze the skin while the ice pack is on.


3. Use the Application of Heat

Heat can be especially comfortable to necks that are suffering from muscle spasm.  You can buy a regular heating pad or a specialized neck heating pad online.  Some of them are specially designed to fit over your neck and shoulders for maximal pain relief.  Others contain jade discs for the provision of far infrared ray heat (FIR), which gets deeper into the muscles of the neck to relieve spasm when compared to regular heating pads.

Use a pad that has a covering so you don’t burn your skin or have the pad covered with a towel.  Heat is designed to be used for twenty to thirty minutes at a time.  This is enough time for the neck muscles to heat up and then cool down again before applying heat again.


4. Apply Ice and Heat Together

Heat can be alternated with ice for the best in pain relief. You basically apply ice for thirty minutes and then put the ice pack back in the refrigerator.

This is when you put on the heating pad, allowing the heat to heat up the muscles and decrease muscle spasm of the neck.  You can alternate ice and heat for several days although you shouldn’t apply heat within about 48 hours after an injury as it intensifies inflammation.


5. Take an Over the Counter Pain Reliever

These include taking ibuprofen (marketed as Motrin and Advil) as well as naproxen sodium (marketed as Aleve and Naprosyn). Both of these are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications that ease pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles that make up the neck.

You can take these regularly for chronic neck pain.  Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is a second-line agent because it only controls pain but does not touch the inflammation so prevalent in neck injuries.

Always consult a doctor before taking any drugs or pain killers.

5 Home Remedies for Neck Pain, what`s your go to home remedy for neck pain?