Is your body experiencing chronic aches and pains? Well, did you know that back, hip, and knee pain can all be related? Sometimes, we might be causing more harm to our bodies than we realize.

For instance, during the time that we think we are resting our bodies (sleeping), we are actually applying great pressure to certain joints. When we sleep, we are putting pressure on our back, hips, and knees without even recognizing our actions.

We only notice the lingering pain the next morning and even throughout the day.

However, all of this can be avoided or at least reduced with the simple help of a knee pillow!

Unlike your normal pillow that you use to rest your head, knee pillows have special designs that are created to alleviate certain stress points. Therefore, they can offer targeted pressure and pain relief for your back, hips, and knees.

Knee pillows for back pain could be the solution you are looking for.  They even come in different shapes and sizes so that you can find your perfect fit.

If you haven’t tried a knee pillow yet to relieve back pain, it might be worth a try. They are well liked and truly do alleviate pain and discomfort so that you can wake up feeling refreshed!

To learn more about the specific benefits of using a knee pillow for your back pain, keep reading.

3 Things to Think of Before Purchasing Your Knee Pillow for Back Pain

1.What Kind of Back Pain Do You Suffer From?

Are you suffering from Sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain, arthritis, back pain from pregnancy? There are many reasons to why you have back pain. Make sure you get a pillow that take care of your specific issue.

2. Sleeping Position

If you are a side sleeper get a pillow you can tuck in between your legs. If you sleep on your back consider a wedge or half moon bolster to tuck under your knees.

3.Read the Reviews

It’s always good to see what other users have to say about the product. Read the reviews online to see if others have seen relief for your specific issue with the product that sounds best to you.

Let’s take a look at 5 great knee pillows to help relieve back pain!

Top 5 Best Knee Pillows for Back Pain

1. Multifunctional Memory Foam Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief and Back Pain Relief

Model: Multifunctional Memory Foam Knee Pillow  

From: EasyLife185

Type of pillow: Memory foam

Multi Function Memory Foam Knee Pillow: (by EasyLife185)

Benefits of the Multifunctional Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This memory foam knee pillow is great for improving sleep and providing pain relief. You can even use it in three different positions, depending on your personal preference.

For example, you can either hug it between your knees and thighs while sleeping sideways to maintain proper alignment of the back, hips, and knees or lay on your back and place it beneath your knees or ankles. Thus, this pillow works well for different positions to help alleviate pain and maintain proper alignment no-matter your sleeping habits.

Its ergonomic design features a curved edge, contoured leg support, and grooves to keep your back, leg, and knee in proper alignment while sleeping. This pillow will also alleviate leg pressure and muscle fatigue.

What the Knee Pillow Can Help With

Knee pillow for back pain – Although sleeping is meant to rest your body and provide you with a refreshed feeling, sometimes our awkward sleeping positions can give us aches and pains instead. Luckily, this pillow fits nicely between your knees to help reduce sciatic nerve pain.

By placing the pillow between your knees, you are effectively providing support and alignment to your lower back and hips. This is especially ideal for someone that needs to stand on their feet for the most part of their day or is pregnant.

Features of the Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This pillow is made of a high-density memory foam that has a slow rebound. It is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and bug-resistant. Also, the memory foam should help promote blood circulation and will not go flat over time. Instead, it will return to its original shape after you are done using it each and every time.

Furthermore, the pillow is easy to take care of, as it features a machine washable, breathable, zippered cover. This cover also ensures that the pillow does not overheat while you use it throughout the night.

What Makes this Knee Pillow Stand Out From the Rest?

The memory foam and multi-function of this pillow make it unique and valuable as your pain relief mechanism.

It is ideal for providing sciatica relief and improving your sleep with proper alignment of your back, hips, and knees.

Additionally, this pillow comes with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked! It’s always great to have good customer service!


2. Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow by Cushy Form

Model: Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow  

From: Cushy Form

Type of Pillow: Memory foam knee pillow

Benefits of the Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Just like most knee pillows, this one will also provide better posture for a more relaxed and refreshed sleep. Its cushion improves circulation for those of you that sleep on the side and place the pillow between the knees.

Using a knee pillow for back pain is especially ideal for pregnancy and post-surgery recovery, and it even helps relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome!

What the Knee Pillow Can Help With

This knee pillow primarily helps relieve back pain, such as sciatica pain. Its contoured design provides proper alignment during your sleep, lifting the upper part of your knee.

As a result, this pillow relieves back, knee, hip, and leg pressure. So, you will feel supported, yet comfortable at the same time!

Features of the Cushy Form Pillow

This memory foam knee pillow includes a machine washable cover for easy cleaning. Additionally, it is made from 100% visco-elastic memory foam and is hypoallergenic.

Also, it comes with a free storage and travel bag! Furthermore, it is fairly compact in size in comparison to other knee pillows.

What Makes This Knee Pillow Stand Out From the Rest?

Unlike other knee pillows, this one features a sense of credibility as it is recommended by physical therapists, sports trainers, chiropractors, and doctors. Who doesn’t like some reassurance, right?

Furthermore, customer service is a top priority, and so you can receive 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


3. Half Moon Pillow Bolster: (by Abco Tech)

Model: Half Moon Pillow Bolster  

From: Abco Tech

Type of Pillow: Half moon memory foam


Benefits of the Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow

This half-moon pillow bolster helps relieve pain and body aches as well. It is shaped slightly differently than the other options, as it is in the shape of half a sphere. This is ideal for relieving pressure from your knees, back, and hips, while laying on your back and placing it below your knees.

Also, you can place it between your knees if laying sideways to relieve pressure and aches. This position with the pillow will also help you align your hips, knees, and lower back to prevent pain. As a result, you should feel your sleep quality improve significantly!

This pillow is also great for pregnancies and post knee, leg, and hip surgeries.

What the Half Moon Pillow Can Help With

The half-moon pillow provides effective support for your back while you are relaxing by lying down or sleeping. It also ensures spinal alignment, which is great for when you are sleeping on your side.

Just place the pillow between the knees and you are good to go! If you prefer sleeping on your back, you can simply put the pillow beneath your knees. Both positions with the pillow offer support and alignment.

Features of the Knee Pillow

This pillow is made of high-quality material and memory foam that will maintain its shape and softness, despite multiple uses. Additionally, it will not overheat, so that you feel comfortable using the pillow all night long!

This pillow is praised for its performance because of such features. Also, its zipper cover is cotton and easily removable and machine washable.

What Makes This Half Moon Pillow Stand Out From the Rest?

As mentioned, this pillow features high-quality material and memory foam for ultimate performance. Thus, you should definitely be feeling pain relief with this pillow.

Furthermore, the half-moon pillow comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. So, if it is not the right knee pillow for you, then you can return it with ease and reassurance.



4. Elevating Leg Rest with Memory Foam Top

Model: Elevating Leg Rest  

From: Cushy Form

Type of Pillow: Elevating Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top


Benefits of the Wedge Pillow

This pillow is quite distinctive from the other options as it is significantly larger in size. More specifically, it is ideal for those of you that are looking for a comfortable way to really elevate both legs.

This pillow is best used to alleviate pain from injuries to the knee, back, or ankle. The pillow lifts your legs enough so that you are not applying as much pressure to your knees and ankles.

Although it is great for injury recovery, it is quite large and might not be the most comfortable sleeping position. Also, you can only use this pillow if you are laying flat on your back, and it does not allow for much mobility.

However, according to reviews, people do sleep with this pillow at night, so it is possible!

What the Elevating Rest Pillow Can Help With

This pillow/wedge is great for those that are recovering from surgery or injury of the hip, back, legs, knee, or ankle. By keeping the legs elevated, this pillow improves circulation and alleviates hip, knee, back, and ankle pain. It even helps decrease the discomfort of swollen feet.

Additionally, the improved circulation helps prevents blood stagnation and varicose veins. Furthermore, if you are recovering from foot or ankle surgery, then you need to elevate your foot anyway, and this is the perfect method to do so!

It is much easier than stacking pillows on top of each other to create elevation, which tends to fall down with even the slightest movement.

Features of the Elevating Wedge Pillow

This pillow is made of high-density memory foam so that it will not lose its shape over time. It is made from the top polyurethane and memory foam to meet and exceed your expectations.

This leg rest pillow also features a soft and breathable cover that maintains a comfortable temperature. The cover is removable and machine washable too!

What Makes This Wedge Pillow Stand Out From the Rest?

As mentioned previously, this pillow is unique from the rest in that it is a leg rest wedge pillow, and thus a larger size. It is ideal for those of you that really need to elevate your legs, especially after a surgery or injury.

This pillow will help you keep your body in optimal position post surgery. Also, the pillow is made of high-quality material and has an ergonomic shape to comfortably elevate your legs.

But, if you are not satisfied, don’t worry! You can return this pillow and receive a 100% money back guarantee.



5. Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow: (by Jiaao)

Model: Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow  

From: Jiaao

Type of Pillow: Lumbar Support Pillow for Bed

Benefits of the Lumbar Support Pillow

This lumbar support pillow by Jiaao Premium Memory Foam Pillows is ideal for relieving lower back pain, as you probably could infer from its name!

This pillow is slender compared to the other options, as it is supposed to be placed under your lower back. This will provide you with the ideal posture.

However, you can also use this pillow to slightly elevate your knees and legs by placing it under your knees. Thus, this pillow can be used in two ways, both of which require you to be laying on your back. It should also be comfortable enough to maintain throughout the night while you sleep.

What the Lumbar Support Pillow Can Help With

This pillow is specifically made to help ease lower back pain. Using this pillow while sleeping will maintain your normal S-like curvature of your lower spine (lumbar). As a result, your lower back will receive less pressure so that you do not wake up with related aches and pains.

Features of the Pillow

The lumbar pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and is soft, yet supportive. It contours nicely to your body to provide optimal back support, without losing its shape. Also, it has a machine washable cover that is removable for easy cleaning.

What Makes this Lumbar Pillow Stand Out From the Rest?

Firstly, this pillow comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty! No other pillows have this feature, so this is pretty great!

Also, it is specifically designed to fit comfortably under your back for optimal lumbar support. Because backaches can be quite painful and bothersome, this pillow is a great pain relief option!



All in all, there are a variety of pillows that can target and alleviate specific pain and stress points. Hopefully, after having read this article, you have a better understanding of which option is best for you.

For example, you may require a pillow that you can place between the knees, below the knees, or under the lower back. All of these alleviate pressure from different areas of the body.

The knee pillow is the most common type and easiest pillow to use, as it is compact.

However, the large wedge pillow is ideal if you are recovering from surgery. Also, the lumbar pillow is great for alleviating back pain. With all these options, be sure to determine the origin of your pain and your sleeping position before choosing the right pillow for you.


We hope you are feeling pain relief soon and that you found this, 5 best knee pillows for back pain post helpful!